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What should we pay attention to in the whole house customization?

what should we pay attention to in the whole house customization?

although there are many kinds of furniture with beautiful styles and humanized functions, each furniture does not necessarily meet the actual needs of life. Now the main force in the furniture consumption market is the post-80s and post-90s, who pursue individuality and fashion. Therefore, the exclusive whole house customization has been mature

the most involved in the whole house custom furniture is the combination of design and practice. We should not only pursue personality, not ignore the room space layout and the practicality of furniture, but also consider the living habits of family members. Otherwise, the whole house custom furniture will be self defeating and make the overall environment and home experience of the home worse

the three most important problems of the whole house customized furniture:

the size of furniture should be applicable

the type and size of products of the whole house customized furniture should be determined according to the number and situation of their family members. If the house is small or small, but the family population is large, when customizing furniture, we should focus on saving space. When choosing wardrobe, cabinet and other products, we should try to be simple in shape and relatively small in size. Moreover, before customizing the wardrobe, you should think about which type of clothes you have, and then add space accordingly

furniture and space should be coordinated

when customizing furniture in the whole house, we should consider the actual situation of our room to avoid the trouble of "ideal is very plump, reality is very skinny". Furniture that looks appropriate in size and color in the exhibition hall may not match perfectly at home. Also note that the style of customized furniture should be consistent with the overall decoration style. Before the implementation of decoration, the style of furniture should be determined, and the decoration should be carried out according to the style of furniture, and the furniture should be customized according to the size of furniture in the decoration CAD drawing, so that the style and size of customized furniture can be more harmonious with the home

furniture should be healthy and environmentally friendly

excellent whole house customization is to meet the physical, psychological and social health of the overall home environment, the purpose is to create a healthy, comfortable and tasteful overall home environment. With healthy home as the core, pursuing fashion as the design concept, and excellent product quality as the foundation, eatray healthy home is a well-known brand of healthy home in the industry. In 2015, eatray healthy home launched eight health systems, which were highly praised by the market

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