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Wang Yongguang spent 25 years to build Shengyou wooden door into China's first wooden door production Empire famous for the "whole industry chain" model. It has created an industry myth that has topped the export list for eight consecutive years, with an annual production of more than one million wooden doors and an annual output value of more than 400million yuan

by chance in 1984, 18-year-old Wang Yongguang became an apprentice with an old carpenter. In the years since then, the fragrance of wood itself flowed in his life. In 1990, with the money saved by his seven-year apprentice, he founded Shengyou's predecessor "Hengtong wood decoration" company, which mainly engaged in the business of wood thread and veneer. With a broad mind and excellent quality, the products he produced once occupied 80% of the country's share; In 2002, he decisively prepared to build Shengyou wooden door factory, focusing on solid wood doors, which sold well at home and abroad because of their excellent product quality. Wang Yongguang spent 25 years to build Shengyou wooden door into China's first wooden door production Empire famous for the "whole industry chain" model. So far, Shengyou wooden door has created an industry myth that ranks first in exports for eight consecutive years, with an annual production of more than one million wooden doors and an annual output value of more than 400million yuan

in 2015, Wang Yongguang put forward that "if Shengyou wants to be a good thing that people can afford, solid wood doors should not be so expensive". Reshape the channel market with cost-effective solid wood door products and new models, realize the true color of being close to the people, and emphasize "rational decoration, choose Shengyou wooden door", which means that Shengyou wooden door will return to the people's class as the preferred brand for rational decoration

craftsman spirit, carefully Polish every wooden door

after a few snowfalls, the early winter of 2016 seems to be colder than in previous years. Compared with the weather, the downturn in the industry is even colder. The sharp reduction of overseas orders and the oversaturated domestic market undoubtedly have brought frost on the snow to many enterprises. Compared with the bleak scene around, Dalian Shengyou door industry is located in the factory building covering an area of 110000 square meters in Jinzhou Shili Industrial Park. The roaring sound of machines and the spectacular scene of staff queuing at lunch are another fiery scene. As a household building material product, why can Shengyou wooden door win a large number of orders in the international market with an export price 10-20% higher than that of similar products, and win the trust of channel dealers and consumers for many years with the excellent quality of "ten-year warranty and lifelong maintenance"? In the final analysis, this stems from Wang Yongguang's determination and pace to create Shengyou wooden door products with the spirit of craftsmanship

current situation of Shengyou: at present, Shengyou door industry has more than 1600 employees, and its four holding subsidiaries (Dalian Shengpeng window industry Co., Ltd., Dalian Shenghe Wood Industry Co., Ltd., Xinjiang shengyoumeijia whole wood furniture Co., Ltd., Taiyuan shengyoumeijia Wood Industry Co., Ltd.) have a number of supporting wood enterprises specializing in the production of parts for Shengyou, including veneers, edge banding strips, door covers, window covers Glulam, etc

it can be said that Wang Yongguang, who is dedicated to the spirit of craftsmanship, has only done one thing in 25 years: Shengyou solid wood door based on the whole industrial chain. What is craftsman spirit? More people believe that it is the infinite love and unrepentant dedication of outstanding representatives of skills from all walks of life to their posts. A few examples: 1 In order to select the best wood raw materials, when Shengyou Mumen factory was initially established, Wang Yongguang went to wood bases all over the country and overseas to select raw materials, and selected the wood raw materials that best meet Shengyou's quality from the aspects of Regional Environment Division, wood species characteristics division, wood grade division, etc

now 25 years have passed, the purchasing staff of Shengyou wooden door will still go to the origin of each source in person according to the needs of different uses, and strictly select the quality according to the standards of Shengyou. 2. In the early stage of entrepreneurship, in order to truly solve various problems in the processing of wood products, from senior technical experts in the industry to technicians in various departments, Wang Yongguang's knowledge-seeking, truth-seeking and realistic research momentum really impressed everyone. In this way, after decades of dialogue with "wood", Wang Yongguang is now familiar with all the crafts. The product quality of Shengyou wooden door can maintain the full confidence of "ten-year warranty and lifelong maintenance", which is inseparable from the exclusive R & D team led by Wang Yongguang. 3. Wangyongguang said that wood is a natural material with many variable factors. If you want to maintain the constant quality of solid wood door products for a long time, the real secret is the people who make wood door products

in the long-term accumulation, Wang Yongguang formed a habit: every time he went to a Shengyou wooden door dealer store, he would first repeatedly touch the solid wood door products in the store with his hand, affectionately like touching his own children, "every door is made conscientiously with both hands, hoping to make people feel at ease and comfortable." Wang Yongguang said

sincere nature, not willing to make sacrifices

for more than 30 years, solid wood doors, as a relatively strong member of the household building materials army, have been inseparable from people's lives. When more and more brands blindly pursue the surface fancy design and style follow the trend, they often ignore the intrinsic quality, practicality and durability of wood door products, and the market positioning of wood door products is gradually moving away from the original intention. Wang Yongguang said that the original purpose of painting wooden doors was to maintain beauty and product stability. In China, more people overemphasize the effect of the paint surface and ignore the quality, process and environmental protection standards of the material itself. Where you can see, your intentions are right, but the more invisible the quality is, the more you need your intentions. This is where customers can't see it with their eyes, and enterprises need to do every process with their conscience. Therefore, the quality of solid wood doors is often the core factor to test the quality of solid wood doors. For Shengyou, quality is a mirror that reflects the conscience of the enterprise and is a "stubborn" who will not make do with sacrifice. Over the years, Wang Yongguang's dedication to quality and the valuable quality that Shengyou wooden door relic will not deal with have created an industry miracle that Shengyou enterprises ranked first in terms of export volume for eight consecutive years, and made the world fall in love with made in China with practical actions. Nowadays, in Saint Gobain of France and many famous building materials supermarkets in the United States, you can always see the familiar figure of Shengyou wooden door products

Wang Yongguang said that he loved wood and the craftsmanship passed down from generation to generation, especially the exquisite traditional skills and excellent quality. "If you know how much effort a door has put into the process from log to finished product, you will understand the greatest significance of craftsmanship." Wang Yongguang believes that the significance of craftsmanship is that it is a concentration of skills and excellence embodied in product quality

I don't know since when, the huge Shengyou factory is neatly filled with rows of solid wood door products almost every day, as if the soldiers waiting for the war are going to use their great military achievements to break the ground for the "Shengyou Empire". When you are in it, you will always feel the silent power: the smooth and simple wood surface texture, the tight fitting solid wood assembly process, the clear and transparent wood texture and the faint fragrance emitted by the solid wood itself, which is a unique charm after putting aside the impetuousness and prosperity. It has both rough lines and gentle details. It looks like a simple solid wood door, and behind it is the whole youth invested by Wang Yongguang...

Wang Yongguang said that good solid wood door products must be loved by the public and ensure long-term use, earn reasonable profits through reasonable prices, maintain the normal operation of the enterprise, and ensure the normal supply of wood door products, It is a practical thing that Shengyou wooden door brand will do for the people and future generations in the future. In his heart, he never left the original intention when he was just a carpenter apprentice when he was a teenager, and made woodwork that people needed and loved with the most sincere intention and the most sophisticated technology. The wooden doors of Shengyou are like his youth memorial hall, which treasures the past, present and future, as well as the beliefs and essence passed down by Chinese craftsmen from generation to generation. It can be said that the craftsman spirit is not only Wang Yongguang's pious attitude towards quality, but also a pilgrimage road full of Chinese wooden men's assiduous pursuit of skills. In Wang Yongguang's words, "25 years of adhering to quality in exchange for 100 years of brand inheritance is worth it!"

introduction to Dalian Shengyou door industry Co., Ltd.:

Dalian Shengyou door industry Co., Ltd. was founded in 2002, located in the shisanli Industrial Park of Dalian Free Trade Zone, covering an area of more than 110000 square meters, with more than 1600 employees. At present, it is the only large-scale wood production enterprise integrating product research and development, production, sales and service of high-grade solid wood doors, solid wood windows, whole wood furniture and other products in Dalian

at present, Shengyou door has four holding subsidiaries, namely Dalian Shengpeng window industry Co., Ltd., Dalian Shenghe Wood Industry Co., Ltd., Xinjiang shengyoumeijia whole wood furniture Co., Ltd. and Taiyuan shengyoumeijia Wood Industry Co., Ltd. It has a number of supporting wood enterprises specializing in the production of parts for Shengyou, which are specialized in the production of wood veneers, edge banding, door covers, window covers, laminated materials, etc. For more than 20 years, Sheng Youren has worked hard and worked hard, always taking raw materials as the starting point, controlling all links including design, production, installation and after-sales maintenance services one by one, so as to make the "whole industry chain model" advocated by the whole group a reality. Shengyou wooden door has always put the spirit of "craftsman" through all links such as raw material procurement, design and development, production and manufacturing, installation and after-sales, so as to make the world recognize the "made in China" wooden door with practical actions

up to now, Shengyou door industry has developed into an international overall wood products supplier with an annual production of more than one million wooden doors and an annual turnover of more than 400million yuan. With the inheritance of craftsman spirit, the attitude of keeping improving quality and the enterprise pursuit of benefiting the society, Sheng Youren has attracted the attention of the industry. Shengyou wooden door takes it as its own responsibility to make the world fall in love with Chinese wood products and its mission to provide cost-effective wood products for Chinese people. It is full of the responsibility and enthusiasm of the founder, depicts the domestic wood industry blueprint with a new attitude, and sincerely makes friends with an open mind

enterprise development process:

1990 - Dalian Hengtong wood decoration factory, the predecessor of Dalian Shengyou door industry Co., Ltd., was established. The Hengtong brand wood products produced by Dalian Shengyou door industry Co., Ltd. once occupied 80% of the market in northern China for a long time

1998 - fully enter the high-end solid wood door industry, and Dalian Shengyou door industry enterprise is taking shape

2002 - invested 15million yuan to establish Shengyou door industry. The batch production capacity and excellent product quality make Shengyou brand begin to emerge in the international market

2003 - invested 13million yuan to establish Shengpeng window industry, becoming an earlier batch of large-scale wood window production enterprises integrating R & D, production and processing

2005 - Shenghe wood industry was established to focus on the production and processing of solid wood integrated materials, laying a solid quality foundation for Shengyou wooden door brand

2007 - set the highest domestic wooden door export volume record, with the annual wooden door export volume exceeding one million fans, and its products sell well in more than 20 countries and regions in Europe, the United States and Japan

2008 - take the lead in developing new wood window production technology in China, obtain national patents and put into production on a large scale; In July of the same year, Shengyou wooden door was officially transferred to the domestic market, opening Shengyou's domestic territory

2015 - branches are set up in the form of direct sales and holding throughout the country to better serve the local market





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