To design a children's room, you need to see the c

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A happy childhood is very important for children, and a happy growth environment is even more important. With the changes of the times, children's growth has been paid more and more attention. Then, what kind of home can make children maintain a happy mood every day, so as to grow happily

area is not important

don't worry more about the room area is too small to fit the whole childhood of the baby. As long as there is a designer of Deville, even if there is only a few square meters, it can become a fairy tale kingdom of children

boys' room

bold and innovative collocation design and the addition of various novel shapes stimulate children's infinite imagination. Join basketball, airplanes, the sea, etc., surround children, grow up with children, edify children, and stimulate the masculine spirit in children's bones

girls' room

there is no doubt that every girl has a princess dream in her heart. Light colors can be used, such as lovely and charming pink, which can make children feel dreamy at home


storage space is essential. It is necessary to know that children's creativity can be infinite. Perhaps a neat house will soon become a battlefield for children to play. The increase of storage space can effectively cultivate children's good habit of cleaning up

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