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The colorful aluminum alloy terrace shed can change the overall image of the villa and create a personalized and tasteful life through the decoration of the terrace part. Whether it is the courtyard of private villas, terraces, or public places such as commercial pedestrian streets, coffee bars, tea houses, etc., aluminum alloy terrace sheds are widely used to reflect the concept of leisure quality life. Therefore, villas should not be some optional additional facilities, Folk houses with more elements, from another point of view, are the embodiment of the pursuit of quality life and leisure atmosphere

aluminum alloy terrace shed http://www.dgkadi.com It not only has a decorative effect, but also can block the wind and rain. At the same time, it can also protect the terrace from strong sunlight, forming a comfortable environment for indoor work and rest

the roof has a terrace, with a large area; But it is extremely cold at high places. If the waterproof is not done well, it will leak; It was directly rejected by most people. In fact, if you add an aluminum alloy terrace shed and transform it, you will fall in love with the terrace

aluminum alloy terrace shed http://www.dgkadi.com The lower part is the best place to dry clothes. The aluminum alloy terrace shed can block the wind and rain, and the lower part can be equipped with a clothes rack to dry clothes, even if it rains suddenly when you go out. More importantly, it can block the damage of ultraviolet rays to clothes and prevent clothes from fading and aging

you can bask in the sun in winter. Under the care of the aluminum alloy terrace shed, you can play with your beloved pets or as a place for children to play. The terrace space makes life more colorful




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