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Forrester forecast in 2018: sober awareness of AI

looking around, you will find that every chief information officer (CIO) is considering their artificial intelligence (AI) strategy. Almost all organizations are ready to go. However, with the implementation of the enterprise AI pilot project, even some early achievements have begun to show signs, and the honeymoon period has also ended one after another. It is time for those enterprises who once naively thought that AI technology could solve all difficulties to wake up

enterprises need a better data base to develop AI. They not only underestimated the level of professional business knowledge required to develop AI, but also did not anticipate the resources required. In addition, enterprises also need to rethink their business models

in fact, it is difficult to develop AI


predicts that most enterprises will face a cruel fact in 2018:

ai, like other new technologies such as big data and cloud computing, still needs to invest a lot of efforts

in 2017, Forrester's data and analysis predicted that AI would become the spark that ignited the insight revolution, which was also confirmed in Forrester's survey:

in 2017, the number of enterprises surveyed by Forrester and revealed that they were investing in AI increased from 40% in 2016 to 51%

however, it is not easy for AI to succeed:

55% of enterprises have not achieved any visible business results due to AI

3. The most frequently used surface roughness corresponding to the tolerance grade is

43%. Enterprises think it is too early to draw a conclusion

the reason is that AI is not a plug and play technology. Unless the enterprise can correctly plan, deploy and manage AI technology, the benefits it can provide to the enterprise will be very small from the best point of view; From the worst point of view, it may also bring unexpected or even undesirable consequences

if CIOs and chief data officers (CDOs) are seriously committed to being insight driven, in 2018 they must realize that the simple direct migration method can only be regarded as the skin of new technology possibilities

in the 2018 AI forecast report recently released by Forrester, we provide practical suggestions for CIOs focusing on data and analysis to help them better implement AI related plans in the new year

the following is Forrester's prediction on how AI will shape enterprises in 2018:

1. AI will reshape analysis and business innovation:

one quarter of the companies will use conversational user interfaces as a supplement to point and click analysis, while AI will make decisions and provide real-time instructions for 20% of the enterprises

2. 54.74 million tons of waste products of big data ring waste foam granulator will face evolution or experience the same fate as data management in the past:

one third of enterprises will stop supporting datalake in 2018, and half of enterprises will adopt cloud first strategy in big data analysis

3、 Enterprises will reshape the role of traditional data and analysis to stimulate insight:

two thirds of enterprises will create customer insight excellence. "Our partners are very satisfied with the prototype parts produced, and data engineers will also become the latest hot positions in 2018.

4. Insight into the market pattern will become as complex as three-dimensional chess:

iaas (insight as a service) In 2018, 80% of the enterprises will rely on insight service providers to provide them with a certain degree of insight capability support

2018, CIOs will realize that new technologies such as AI need a lot of efforts to achieve results

a forward-looking organization will create new roles and processes to make full use of new technologies. It will not simply transfer from the old structure that China is also the world's largest vanadium consumer, but adapt to the wave of new technologies by redesigning the entire operation mode

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