Hottest fruit automatic packaging production line

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Fruit automatic packaging production line

the sales price of citrus, orange, apple and other spherical fruits can be greatly improved through washing, sorting, waxing, preservation, drying, labeling and packaging. In the peak harvest season, it is difficult to complete this series of processes manually in a short time. Therefore, a lot of research has been done in this field at home and abroad, and good results have been achieved

in the mid-1980s, China began to study the roller belt gap classification method for spherical fruits. In 1987, the first sampling machine was developed. At present, the market share is large. With the development of computer technology, in the early 1990s, there were 18 domestic and foreign researchers who had worked here for a long time in size and appearance classification detection. At present, there are mature computer size and color sorting equipment abroad. At present, the computer detection of fruit surface defects has not made a breakthrough. The main reason is that the stability of the current fruit conveyor is poor, so that the computer can not quickly and accurately collect images, and the computer calculation speed and graphics processing software can not meet the actual needs

according to relevant experts, the following five items need to be studied at present: first, improve and perfect the existing equipment for washing, waxing, sorting and preservation of spherical fruits as soon as possible, and solve the problems of rough appearance, low processing accuracy and poor reliability of domestic equipment. 2、 The theory and practice of visual real-time sorting technology are studied in this paper. 3、 Design the computer real-time detection and processing equipment as soon as possible. 4、 Develop trademark printing and labeling equipment. 5、 Carry out research on the physiological and biochemical effects of collision on fruits. The invention designs a fruit positioning and clamping mechanism for packaging

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