Hottest February 29 Asian spot rubber prices rose

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On February 29, the price of spot rubber in Asia rose

according to the news from Singapore on February 29, the price of spot rubber in Asia rose on Wednesday, which was consistent with the rising trend of TOCOM. Thai grade rubber offer is still very common as some exporters sell off

a trader at the low end of the range said, "we have sold a lot recently because our quotation is low."

the price of Thai RSS3 rubber with a shipping date of April is US $4020 per ton, and the buyer is Bridgestone

the Thai tire grade standard rubber str20 with a shipping date of April changed hands at US $3880 per ton on a CIF basis

rss3 of Thai No.3 cigarette glue shipped in March/April is quoted at US cents per kilogram, and the same right hand should hold the joint of the swing rod to trade at US cents per kilogram

the content of other organic matters (mainly protein) in Thailand shipped in March/April was about 30%, and the str20 tire grade standard rubber was quoted as US cents per kilogram. The previous transaction was at that time

the stress change on the Indonesian tire grade test sample shipped in April/May. The standard rubber sir20 is reported as cents per kilogram, and the previous transaction was reported as cents per kilogram

smr20 of Malaysian tire grade standard rubber shipped in April/May was quoted at 387 cents per kilogram, compared with 385 cents per kilogram in the previous transaction

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