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"I shape, I shape, solutions for the application of embedded digital platform" seminar Nanjing Chang Jiebao

"golden powder land of Six Dynasties, Jinling imperial Prefecture", "metropolis of ten dynasties" Nanjing has a long history, and is also a world-famous tourist destination. On May 25, the Xinhan jizhida seminar "I shape, I shape, and the solution of embedded digital platform application in the experimental process" was grandly held in the Jiangnanchun Hall of Nanjing phoenix platform. On the same day, engineers from all walks of life, such as Nanjing Automation/electric power/Research Institute, came together to discuss the business opportunities and opportunities of industrial automation products under the digital platform architecture in the midst of the heavy rain

during the meeting, jizhida and Xinhan introduced their expertise to the participating customers respectively. Jizhidaji's more than 10 years of experience in system integration, model selection and practical application will be explained and introduced in detail. As the world's top eight industrial computer manufacturer, Xinhan is the only one that provides blade servers with excellent performance. It provides embedded CPU cards with high quality, high stability and reliability, embedded fanless systems, network security products and blade servers. I believe that with joint efforts, solid technology will be able to sail China's automation industry

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about jizhida

Beijing jizhida Industrial Control Technology Co., Ltd., as a high-tech enterprise in Zhongguancun, has developed into the best industrial computer supplier in China since 1999. From an early agent-based enterprise, the company has gradually developed into a group company integrating R & D (oem/odm), production, system integration, sales and service. At present, it has 130 employees, four branches and three offices. The total office space is more than 3000 square meters

the company closely follows the development trend of industrial computers, combines the outstanding lightweight advantages of industrialized computers with the application of industrial computers according to the market demand at home and abroad, and takes advantage of local advantages to provide users with all-round technical support and pre-sales and after-sales services professionally and systematically, with rich product types and wide industry applications

high quality customer service:

2. A certain indoor space is embedded around the instruments and equipment. The customer's interests are paramount, and providing careful service to customers is jizhida's consistent business philosophy. Jizhida introduced the world's latest technologies and products into China to improve the technical transformation and application level of industrial control equipment, and provided comprehensive customer service skills training for employees, establishing a good corporate image of high quality and excellent service in the field of industrial control. In 2005, jizhida passed the ISO9000 quality system certification, which can provide customers with more satisfactory service and bring the customer service level to a new level

growing marketing network:

the company has gradually established a perfect sales and service system nationwide. In addition to 2 branches and 3 offices, the company has agents and dealers in more than 10 major cities across the country, and is gradually establishing its own marketing network in other major cities across the country

stable partners:

jizhida has extensive and in-depth cooperation with many high-tech enterprises and teams with first-class R & D strength in Taiwan. The company adheres to the consistent business style, that is, the combination of agency and independent development, the combination of medium and low-grade and high-grade, provides customers with a full range of industrial control products and careful and thoughtful services, and develops and grows together with customers

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about Xinhan

nexcominternational Co., Ltd. was founded in 1992. So far, it has three product lines: in the field of industrial computers, the most popular peak series SBC (singleboardcomputer), which has promoted industrial computers from the 486 era to Pentium In the era of dualxeon platform, there are many nstls (nationalsoftwaretestinglab.) Certified products, and 11 global technical patents, and became members of PICMG, pcisig, intelpro and ICA. In addition, the newly launched fanless embedded system -- nice3100 series, will promote the application of industrial computers to another new level of industrial digitalization The second network security product, networksecurityappliance, is good at the most complete product line and fully meets the most stringent needs of customers The third blade server has been developed to the fifth generation, which can support 64 bit operation and is equipped with GBE switch. The high-speed transmission architecture of gigabyteethernetlan is enough to compete with other world-class manufacturers in terms of specification and quality In addition to being selected as the third generation supercomputer computing platform by the computer center of National Taiwan University, the new Han blade server has also been adopted by most internationally renowned academic and scientific research institutions, such as the U.S. military unit, Cornell University Supercomputing Center, Berkeley University Research Center, Osaka University, Japan

Xinhan computer started with industrial computer design, has a top-notch R & D team and high-quality manufacturing capacity, adheres to continuous innovative R & D technology and rich manufacturing experience, and has been committed to cultivating its own brands for many years, with the development of global marketing business as the primary task. So far, it has a considerable scale At present, the total number of employees has reached 250, and there are marketing bases in the United States, Britain, Japan and the mainland to provide partners with the most rapid and effective customer service, so as to realize the great prospect of building the digital infrastructure of the industry

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