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Discussion on the storage and safekeeping methods of paperboard

generally, paper with a thickness greater than 0.1 mm is called paperboard. Generally, paper with a ration of less than 225 g/m2 is considered as paper, and paper with a ration of 225 g/m2 or more is considered as paperboard. The correct storage and safekeeping of paperboard (including paperboard) is one of the important factors to ensure the binding quality of books and periodicals

1. Storage conditions

cardboard should be stored in a well ventilated warehouse or workshop with appropriate temperature and humidity. The cardboard shall not be affected with moisture to avoid deformation or aging separation; Nor can it be placed in the open air, because the cardboard itself needs to maintain its internal reasonable moisture. If the cardboard is exposed to the sun and heating for a long time, the normal moisture will evaporate, the fiber will become brittle and the strength will be reduced, resulting in surface warpage and unnecessary losses

2. Storage method

the purchased paperboard should first understand the production date and delivery time, and then output and print various required experimental curves and experimental reports. If it is short and made by cold pressing method, it cannot be used immediately, but should be stored for a period of time. Because the newly purchased paperboard is generally tough and less flexible, after reasonable storage for a period of time, the toughness of the paperboard can be reduced, the flexibility can be increased, and the paperboard is neat and easy to process

the time for storing paperboard is generally 3 ~ 6 months. If the paperboard is stored for more than 1 year, it is necessary to reverse the warehouse once to balance the water content of the upper and lower paperboard piles. When storing, we should also pay attention to the paper, so I think we can also help solve this problem. When the plate stack is recycled, the thermostatic liquid in the tank can be introduced and accumulated on the paper table, and direct contact with the ground should be avoided

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