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Discussion on the standardization of drug outer packaging instructions

Abstract: 658 kinds of drug front outer packaging text instructions on the market were investigated, the problems in their instructions were analyzed, and the specifications of drug outer packaging instructions were put forward The written instructions on the front of the outer package of drugs should be concise and clear, contain only important contents, and leave a certain space for the implementation of specific medical orders, such as "each time () pills, daily () times" The "dosage and usage" of drugs should be changed to "reference usage" to avoid misuse by patients

key words: drug packaging and medication instructions

most system stiffness has become the key to the normal operation of the whole system. There are some deficiencies in the external packaging of drugs, which not only cause inconvenience to clinical medication, but also easy to cause some misunderstandings. Therefore, the author preliminarily classifies the outer packaging of the main types of drugs operated by our hospital, analyzes the shortcomings, and puts forward a better outer packaging format of drugs. The introduction is as follows

1 data and methods

classify the "main content" of the front (main side) of the drug outer packaging operated by our hospital, count and calculate the percentage of its representative format. According to the problems encountered in the actual work, analyze its shortcomings

2 results

the front of the outer packaging of domestic drugs is various. Even if the main items listed are the same, their arrangement order and position are also very different. The results roughly classified according to the actual situation are shown in Table 1

3 discussion

3.1 the "dosage and usage" in the drug instructions and packaging should be changed to "reference usage". Although at present, many drug packages are exquisite and gorgeous, they are not practical, which is not conducive to ensuring the quality of pharmaceutical care, nor is it conducive to the proper medication of patients, and brings inconvenience to the medication guidance of patients and professionals. Therefore, when pharmaceutical enterprises compete to pass the GMP certification, it is also necessary to further standardize the packaging and description of their drugs

in most drug descriptions, the "usage and dosage" are: "how many Mg (g or tablets, granules) per time, how many times per eye", which is a very clear statement, while some are more careful and state a range. The author believes that the item "usage and dosage" should be changed to "reference usage" to avoid misleading patients. Because of the individual differences of patients and the specific metabolism of drugs, the blood concentration of drugs in the human body will change greatly

3, 2 both traditional Chinese medicine and Western medicine should have marked dosage. Many drug descriptions do not specify the dosage contained in the unit drug, that is, the dosage of the drug, mainly the majority of compound preparations of traditional Chinese medicine and Western medicine and traditional Chinese medicine. For example, Zhenju Hypotensive Tablets not only did not explain the content of traditional Chinese medicine, but also the unit content of chemical drugs clonidine hydrochloride and hydrochlorothiazide; Bezoar detoxification tablets contain realgar, which is a more toxic component, but its content is not accurately explained, and so on. In fact, pure traditional Chinese medicine preparations should also explain the content of their native traditional Chinese medicine as much as possible, so that professionals can analyze possible problems when serving patients and better ensure rational drug use. In addition, the excipients of the preparation used should be clearly stated in the drug description, because the excipients may also have effects or adverse reactions on the human body. Some foreign pharmaceutical enterprises have done well in this regard. But in most cases, there is no description of auxiliary materials

3.3 the front printing of the outer packaging urgently needs to be standardized. At present, there are many problems in the outer packaging of drugs, because the basic surface bonding strength configuration above the main item order printing is chaotic at about 30000 yuan, and the order of the listed items is vague, causing inconvenience to drug users and pharmaceutical workers. Many drug trade names and generic names are similar to the font size of their functions, closely arranged, easy to mix together, and it is difficult to distinguish the exact name of drugs, resulting in confusion when doctors prescribe drugs, often writing wrong drug names. Many drugs are not clearly marked with the dosage and quantity of drugs in an obvious position on the front package, but are printed in remote places, and the font size is too small. Although the items listed on the front of the outer packaging of many drugs are relatively complete, such as the first row in Table 1, their positions are arranged in a disorderly manner, and the size and clarity of the drug dosage and quantity are not enough. In addition, the author believes that it is necessary to improve the following contents: ① indicate the dosage form of drugs in a prominent position on the front, such as sustained-release preparations, capsules, enteric coated tablets, etc., because breaking off the administration can affect the absorption and activity of effective ingredients, and children and the elderly often need to adjust the dosage of drugs; ② The doctor's advice position should be reserved in the obvious place on the front, and the words "() times a day, () tablets each time" should be printed. This will help to improve work efficiency, reduce waste (at present, many hospitals print self-adhesive paper), and also provide convenience for patients' medication and services for pharmacists, doctors, etc. The suggested front format of the drug outer packaging is shown in the following box:

due to the increase of foreign exchanges, the content of the drug outer packaging should also be convenient for foreigners. It is suggested to write Chinese on the front and English on the back. Don't mix English and Chinese together. Its usage, indications, batch number, etc. can be written on the side, so that the primary and secondary are clear, convenient and practical. At present, there are many Chinese and English names mixed on one side. There is no primary or secondary side of the outer packaging of many drugs, which is almost the same, and the content is repetitive and chaotic. In addition, because patients have higher requirements and the outer packaging of drugs has changed, patients often reject it, so the outer packaging of drugs should be printed with reference usage as much as possible

Medical Herald fan Jingrong, Fang Zhonghong, Department of pharmacy, Jinshan Hospital Affiliated to Fudan University, in radar microwave stealth

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