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How to improve the efficiency of silk screen printmaking

silk screen printmaking

in recent years, silk screen printmaking has been promoted and popularized in China, and many high-level works have appeared. The artistic level of silk engraving is close to wood engraving, but the production of silk engraving gb/t 1463 fiber reinforced plastic density and relative density experimental method is much simpler than that of wood engraving. Silk screen printing mainly adopts the method of multi-point grounding. In addition to the commonly used paper, the substrate also includes cloth, plexiglass, wood, porcelain plate, metal plate, etc. This widens the way for the development of silk screen prints in practical art, such as making posters, decorative paintings, clothes, headscarves, etc. in the form of silk screen prints. Printmakers can fully invest in the design and production of practical art to improve their artistic level. Wall hangings, screens, curtains, sofa covers, cushions, etc. are all areas where silk screen prints can play a role. On the one hand, it is of great significance to make pure artistic prints, on the other hand, to expand the position of prints in practical art, and to play a role in beautifying people's lives

VIII. Lacquer silk printing

silk printing has been introduced into traditional industries, one of which is the lacquer industry. Representative lacquer products such as bowls, drawers and boxes can also adapt to modern lifestyles. Now lacquer products suitable for various purposes have been developed, and the value of products has been improved through the implementation of various printing methods. Among these decoration methods, gold powder and silver powder are mostly used on lacquerware

1. silk printing and lacquer clay gold technology. Lacquerware clay gold technology is a method of spraying black paint and vermilion paint on the wood and plastic bottom, then painting patterns with paint on the surface, and then painting gold and silver before the paint dries and hardens. Among them, there are flat clay gold painting, high clay gold painting, and polished clay gold painting

clay gold process, when printing with silk, there are two kinds of manual and automatic, generally manual. The first process of clay gold is to make the designed pattern outline into a printing plate. In silk printing, this process belongs to plate making, so it is omitted. The following are described in order

2. printing equipment. For basins, drawers, boxes of plane printing equipment can. First place the plate on the stage, then put the lacquer ware on the stage and position it. After positioning, fix the lacquer ware. When printing in large quantities, there should be positioning and fixing devices (for example, the convex wooden platform into which the substrate can be inserted), and the gap between the layout and the printing surface should be mm. For the curved surface printing of can and bowl substrate, the circular silk plate is the center, the scraper is downward, and the substrate is upward. When the scraper, wire and substrate are in contact, the rotating force of the silk plate and the pressure of the scraper make the substrate rotate for printing

3. preparation of printing paint. Here is only a brief introduction to the paint mixing method. The paint itself cannot be used as an ink for printing. The viscosity of the paint is low, and it is easy to mix with bubbles, making the printing surface blister, which cannot meet the requirements of accurate printing. Therefore, in order to make the paint reach a good ink state, it needs to be modulated. Compared with other coatings, the drying conditions of the paint are completely different. It is dried by oxidation. Therefore, it is necessary to control the temperature and humidity. Viscosity adjustment of printing paint: mix iron oxide, titanium oxide, protein, anhydrous silicic acid, etc. with the paint, and mix them well. On the sealing day, the viscosity can be adjusted to about 500 poise, which can become the printing ink

4. the drying of paint (ink) although the melt strength of high molecular weight PPC is good, the drying time and clay gold time. The drying of paint is greatly affected by temperature and humidity. The best drying condition is ℃, humidity%. The clay gold time is proportional to the drying time. The greater the viscosity of paint (ink), the faster the drying

5. Printing accuracy. When the paint solution of the adjustment paint (ink) is more than 65% or less than 40%, it is not ideal as a printing condition. That is, when the paint solution is too much, the release is poor, leaving traces of paint. In particular, it can be clearly seen on the surface of the substrate and along the direction of printing. In addition, there is less paint liquid. At this time, the fluidity of the paint is poor, and the printing pattern surface is unstable, leaving wired traces, especially when printing gold and silver powder, this trace is very obvious. Nylon is generally used for plate making, and its precision is good. Because the paint needs special drying conditions, it is not easy to block the holes of silk, and the printing operability is good

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