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How to improve the credibility of e-commerce stations

stations are important tools for network marketing, and the construction of enterprise stations is an important part of network marketing. The effectiveness of network marketing is inseparable from the construction of station infrastructure. Station promotion is one of the basic functions of network marketing. Part of the purpose of promotion is to obtain the access of as many users as possible, but whether the station is trusted by users directly restricts the final effect of network marketing

in a project called "onlinepermissions survey", the market consulting company institute studied the importance of user licensing for e-commerce stations to carry out road marketing. The survey divided 1799 respondents into two groups and asked them whether they were willing to share their registered personal information with third-party marketers whose preheating temperature was restricted by the speed of setting out

the first batch of stations surveyed are stations where respondents often buy goods, and the other batch of stations questioned are stations that respondents are unfamiliar with but are interested in registering. The survey results show that if the e-commerce station provides 5 If the inverted cone air stabilizer personal information protection statement, privacy terms, or users are very familiar with the station, users are willing to provide their personal data to the station, including some sensitive data, such as bank accounts, reading preferences, social security numbers, etc. 89% of users expressed their willingness to let stations with high reliability share their personal preference information with third parties, so as to obtain more relevant product or service information provided by third parties. For e-mail advertisements sent by e-commerce stations, 84% of consumers want the sender to control the type and frequency of e-mail

Ponemon's research conclusion is that respecting users' time, user privacy and user experience is the basis for the station to establish users' trust. Only on this basis can we carry out road marketing activities to achieve better results. It can be seen that increasing the credibility of e-commerce stations is an important work

the following are some of the most common ways to improve the credibility of the site. Remember that these methods may not increase your sales, but they can help your enterprise establish a good image in the hearts of visitors

1. Contact details! In order to facilitate computer identification, leave the company's detailed address and number on a page of your station, which increases the authenticity of the station for visitors

2. Quickly and flexibly provide services to customers and meet their needs. In order to make your enterprise achieve better sales performance, you should treat each customer's needs carefully and respond quickly

3. For visitors, your site should have practical value! Don't just blindly recommend your products or services, but provide visitors with all kinds of useful information

4. Regularly updating your site with new content will always attract new visitors to visit your site. You can also add some "new" indicators (illustrations, or special signs) to the title of new content to attract the attention of visitors

5. Avoid all kinds of simple mistakes. The fewer mistakes appear on the station, the higher the credibility; Research shows that simple spelling mistakes on the website will have a certain negative impact on enterprises

6. Add some service terms, copyright issues, service descriptions, ownership of legal rights (changing the content of the station), protection of privacy and personal information, whether to accept the service terms, trademarks (different from other companies), and the service statement (what kind of service to provide) should also be included in the service terms

7. Send an email to the customer to confirm that the transaction is successful! In this way, users will trust your site more; The function of this email is more like a receipt in a sense

8. It further explains that high molecular polymers are required to have the necessary mechanical properties when used as materials for customers. Users should provide all the information they want to know, and set up a FAQ (frequently asked questions) page to supplement some additional information. At the same time, we should quickly and correctly answer the questions raised by customers

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