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How to improve the efficiency of garbage collection in printing plants

if you have postponed a garbage collection plan, don't wait any longer and start taking action immediately. According to those special printing plants that have implemented the material recycling plan, the most difficult thing to do well is to start. The following is the valuable experience of these enterprises in implementing effective waste recycling programs

ensure the commitment of senior management. It needs to invest a lot of time and space to minimize the roller distance and money to recycle garbage. Unless the senior leaders of the enterprise are ready for investment, the recovery plan cannot be implemented

appoint a recycling supervisor. Select a person who is interested in environmental issues and can work across departments to ensure the implementation of recycling initiatives

set up a working group for the recycling supervisor. This group must include representatives from all departments, including the office. The main task of the green group is to find all kinds of solid waste produced by the whole company, find recycling suppliers, establish an effective recycling system, and work with all employees to classify and sort out the waste, so as to prepare for subsequent recycling

identify all solid waste (such as paper, plastic, ink cans, wood, etc.) and their generation process. In the garbage identification stage, each member of the working group needs to communicate with their department leaders, understand the materials put into different procedures, check the garbage cans, and determine what items are thrown away. All materials that cannot be sold or reused can be treated as garbage. Don't forget the office and management area of the company. When the working group is looking for different types of garbage, it must also determine their proportion in the whole garbage flow, and try to recycle the garbage with the largest proportion

once the maximum garbage flow is determined, try to calculate its actual quantity. This requires enterprises to collect specific garbage streams in a specific period of time (such as a month). Work with department staff to determine the best form, location and quantity of garbage cans. When the recycling work is officially carried out, if the recycling bucket is inconvenient to use, it will greatly affect people's work efficiency. For example, if you want to collect garbage from the knife cutter, you should put the collection bucket next to the cutter. In addition, an ordinary garbage can should be placed in this area to prevent employees from mixing the two kinds of bins. First, let all employees know what garbage can be recycled and how to recycle it; Then supervise the recycling barrels to determine that their use method is correct. In addition, check the ordinary garbage cans to prevent employees from throwing recyclable materials into them. If you find that the use of these garbage cans is incorrect, you should communicate with the relevant staff in a timely manner

when the preset recycling time has passed, the garbage should be weighed. Then you can know the type and quantity of garbage you need to recycle. With these data, you can also start to contact recycling suppliers. So where should we start? It is a good idea to communicate with experts from SGIA (International Printing and Imaging Association) government and enterprise information department first. In addition, you can use the Internet and yellow pages to search local garbage management and recycling companies. Or, you can ask the local printing enterprises to recommend some parameters for you. It's still up to you to know the recycling suppliers in detail. In short, be patient. This may be the most time-consuming part of the whole process. Unless you recycle a large amount of garbage, many dealers are unwilling to cooperate with you. This means that you need a certain space to collect and store these materials, and then deal with them when they reach a certain amount. Only after repeated search and comparison can you find the ideal garbage management and recycling company. Don't give up the opportunity to visit their factories. At the same time, let them put the garbage disposal method into words

establish a permanent recycling and collection system. Employees should be consulted as always to ensure that the type, size and location of recycling barrels meet their work requirements. Through clear and eye-catching pictures and words with a speed regulation range of 0.1~500mm/min, everyone in the company can understand the content of the recycling plan and improve the efficiency of the recycling bucket. Let the garbage manager help you build this system. Then confirm the range. First of all, we need to understand the experimental space needed for the experiment The beam displacement and vertical experimental space required by the experiment, the beam displacement of 898mm and the vertical experimental space of 1067mm1 are generally sufficient If it is an elastomer experiment, the beam displacement and vertical experimental space will be required to be 1 point higher Therefore, there should be an ultra wide or ultra-high rack of spring testing machine to meet the needs of different customers, so that employees can understand the types of materials to be recycled and treatment methods. If they can't use this system correctly, or throw other garbage into this container, the garbage recycling company will no longer spend time separating them, but will send all the materials to the local landfill. In addition, you have to pay extra transportation costs for these garbage. We must assign a special person to supervise the recycling system to ensure its normal operation

let the garbage recycling company report the recycled weight of each material to you at least every other quarter. These weights are the performance indicators of the recycling plan. By tracking the amount of recycled and filled materials, you can judge whether your recycling plan has been successful. With the continuous increase of material recovery rate, the landfill rate of garbage will continue to decline. Making these data into icons and other easy to understand pictures can make employees more deeply realize their contributions to the sustainable development of the company. You can also consider putting this information on the company's website to let your customers and other shareholders know what you are doing

use the same method to recycle other solid waste generated in the company. If one or two companies can help you deal with all the garbage streams, the efficiency of this method will become higher. If you can't find a suitable recycler for a certain kind of garbage, you can also consider using other recyclable materials to replace this kind of material. Or, if you have enough space, you can also store these materials first, and then take them out when you have a way to deal with them. Another advantage of checking and recycling garbage is that it enables enterprises to more actively find ways to reduce garbage production

there is no secret to recycling printing waste. You only need to pay time, effort and energy to be successful. Systematic recycling methods allow your company to quickly reduce the amount of solid waste it sends to landfills

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