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Lamp franchised stores should achieve "accurate positioning"

we have been operating Panasonic lighting products since 2006. In 2008, we opened Panasonic's only franchised store in Huizhou urban area in Huizhou Third Ring decoration city. Panasonic has established a certain reputation in Huizhou local market over the years because of its stable product quality and relatively high-quality after-sales service. Fitting products to the market is the key to the foothold of the franchise store

Liu zhongbing, manager of Panasonic lighting electrician (Huizhou) franchise store

we have been operating Panasonic lighting products since 2006. In 2008, we opened the only franchise store of Panasonic in Huizhou City with a large supporting area of the instrument base in Sanru data ring decoration city. Because Panasonic's product quality is stable and the after-sales service is relatively high, the BDO device II Series 901 and 904 have been successfully commissioned in the same period, and have established a certain reputation in Huizhou local market over the years. In 2013, the product sales of Panasonic stores increased slightly compared with that of 2012, but the profit was the same as that of 2012, mainly due to the adjustment of new Panasonic products in 2013 and the key promotion of some special lighting products, which accounted for a large proportion of sales

at present, there are fewer and fewer lighting brands operating in the form of franchised stores in the market, and many franchised stores have gradually become stores in stores. I think we should pay attention to the following aspects to do a good job in lighting specialty stores: first, the brand influence of specialty stores should be large, and we should pay attention to improving the status and influence in the eyes of mass consumers; Second, the image of the store must match the development orientation of its own brand; The third and most important point is that the products of exclusive stores must fit the local market while ensuring the quality

the key to the survival of franchised stores lies in their products. Some products are popular in Guangzhou, but there is not necessarily a market in Huizhou. Therefore, manufacturers should find a point of agreement between them, adjust measures to local conditions for specialty stores, and even allow designers of upstream brand manufacturers to go down to various places to fully understand the market and design products with both differentiation and characteristics. Only when the lamps and lanterns products of the franchised stores are fully competitive in various places can the franchised stores live better locally

the operation of the lighting exclusive store encounters a bottleneck

CHEN Feng, general manager of Beijing American business Vita Trading Co., Ltd.

we have been a lighting exclusive store of Wenlian since 2007. Affected by many factors, the sales performance of engineering products has been unsatisfactory in recent years, while the retail performance is average. The sales volume of engineering products in 2014 decreased compared with that in 2013, mainly due to the impact of the general environment. In addition, the competition of crystal lamp series products is particularly fierce, and our management needs to be improved

according to Jiuzheng building materials, the reasons for the relatively difficult operation of franchised stores in recent years are as follows: first, the national macro-economy is constantly adjusting, and the lighting industry is greatly affected by real estate regulation; Second, professional stores are increasing, but the market demand is limited, and the fierce competition has affected the development of lighting stores; Third, e-commerce has a great impact on the channels of traditional franchised stores. The speed of market flattening will accelerate, and regional management will be limited. Therefore, the operation of traditional channels will be more difficult

the law of the market is that value is more important than price

huzhiwen, general manager of juhao lighting in Taiyuan modern decoration City

I currently operate juhao lighting store. In the past two years, I can still maintain a stable sales performance in general under the circumstances of large market fluctuations

at this stage, the survival rate or product sales of many lighting stores are not ideal, especially in the county and municipal markets. The important reason is that the product structure of the monopoly store is too single, and the product categories are not rich enough to meet the needs of different levels and different consumption structures. Over time, the monopoly store will become a comprehensive store, and even sell dog meat by hanging sheep's head

franchised stores should have more choices and better products. Customers who choose franchised stores value their quality assurance, after-sales convenience and reasonable price. In addition, the business philosophy of the franchise store should be that the spot of imported mines should be shaken and consolidated on the 24th, which is weak, which is in line with the tastes of consumers and depends on the businesses' operation according to local conditions. Merchants can take advantage of festivals, store celebrations and other opportunities to hold lottery, games, promotional activities and other ways to gather popularity, so as to drive the sales of products in exclusive stores. In short, the law of the market is that value is more important than price

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