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Lang Xianping interprets the new thinking of enterprise strategy

no economist will be treated in such a different way: some people regard him as the "godfather of private enterprises", and some people call him a "fame fisherman", but no one can ignore his point of view anyway. He is a scholar who likes to live under the flash. Even on the podium of the University, he doesn't change his true colors. He is Lang Xianping, a famous economist

Lang Xianping is famous for "scolding". In 2002, he shelled Delong, and in 2004, Delong building collapsed; In 2004, he questioned Gu Chujun, chairman of Kelon Electric Appliance, who dropped a heavy bomb in the domestic business and economic circles. Less than a year later, Gu Chujun was arrested; He also became the focus of media attention because he published many articles criticizing the loss of state-owned assets in the process of state-owned enterprise reform

as an economist, Lang Xianping is more willing to focus on the development of enterprises. Since 2003, he has turned his main attention to the research of enterprise strategy and analyzed "corporate governance and enterprise strategy" for enterprise executives. Recently, Lang Xianping put forward his new strategic thinking of Chinese Enterprises - grasping the essence of the industry in a speech at southwestjiaotonguniversity

only by ideological differentiation can we grasp the essence of the industry

in his speech, Lang Xianping repeatedly emphasized that the reason why enterprises succeed is that enterprises grasp the inevitable result of the essence of the industry

China is regarded as the factory of the world. By implication, local enterprises lack independent brands and independent intellectual property rights. In this regard, Lang Xianping believes that we currently advocate industrial upgrading, but only mentioning industrial upgrading itself is not enough. If the profit of the international industrial chain is taken as 10 yuan, the pure manufacturing industry accounts for only 1 yuan. When the industry is upgraded again, the money earned is still that 1 yuan, which does not really improve competitiveness. Because there is no hard link of pure processing and manufacturing, and there is no soft link of 9 yuan, the competitiveness will not be substantially improved. It is also difficult to become a real manufacturing country. Lang Xianping said that whoever masters this soft link will be able to take the lead in the international industrial chain, but this must be an extremely difficult process

Lang Xianping proposed a pyramid model concept: the bottom is the appearance of the product, the middle layer is the function, and the top is the idea. The so-called ideological innovation is to use the differentiation of ideas to create the essence of the industry at the top of the pyramid. Unfortunately, so far, most Chinese entrepreneurs have reached the middle level. Many enterprises' differentiation only stays at the bottom appearance and the middle function, which is considered to be the competitive advantage of enterprises. In fact, this understanding is wrong. In order to succeed, enterprises must seek differentiation in ideology, that is, at the top level of the pyramid. This differentiation is an analysis of the nature of the industry. Only in this way can China get rid of the development mode of being just a world factory and have the opportunity to obtain profits at the top of the industrial chain

only enterprises that grasp the essence of the industry will succeed.

Lang Xianping said that economic elements should not be viewed only from the past management theory. Not that management knowledge is bad, but that it is only a necessary condition. To truly become a leading enterprise in the industry, enterprises must first grasp the essence and start from the essence

take the market as an example. At present, there are nearly 3000gbt12778 ⑴ 991 metal Charpy impact fracture measurement methods in China, but the users are less than 10%; Although both foreign products can meet the GB 3960 (1) 983 standard brand, the total number of models is only 300, but they occupy the main market. The data shows that the high-end accounts for 18% of the market share, the middle-end accounts for 68%, and the low-end accounts for 14%. Purely from the perspective of proportion, the middle and low-end market share is the largest, accounting for 82%. If you raise 1million yuan to produce, normal thinking should choose to enter the middle and low-end market. But Lang Xianping believes that this view is actually wrong

in Lang Xianping's eyes, the best thing is to have the best feeling. It is to grasp the differences in ideology and attract consumers, not just the publicity function. Sony makes the brand of Walkman because it is the Walkman that makes Sony famous. When these so-called social elites in their 40s and 50s were in college, it was worth showing off to pursue their girlfriend to bring a Sony Walkman. So when hearing the words "Walkman", the first feeling of these social elites is to return to the era of first love, and Sony's brand image immediately rises

by contrast, domestic advertising and publicity should have the best functions, resulting in similar product functions and lack of personality. Therefore, the market should enter the most high-end market with emotional appeal and accumulate quite strong "market energy" in order to sweep down the middle and low-end market, where is the real most profitable. However, once you want to enter the middle and low-end market first, you will not succeed. Therefore, entering this market must understand the essence of the industry

cheap labor is not a competitive advantage

China is a big manufacturing country, which is the view of many people. But Lang Xianping believes that the real manufacturing power is the United States. The United States only gives China the manufacturing link with the lowest value in the whole industrial chain, and they control the most valuable parts of the industrial chain, including procurement, warehousing, order processing, wholesale and retail. In the whole industrial chain, cheap labor has no advantage at all

Lang Xianping introduced the division of labor in the international industrial chain with Barbie doll as an example. He said that in Wal Mart in the United States, the retail price of a Barbie doll is $9.99, while our ex factory price is only $1. In that $1, the labor force only earns $0.25, so it has no competitive advantage. The United States earned $9 in procurement, transportation, warehousing, order processing, wholesale, retail and other parts. This 9 dollars, do not exploit labor, do not damage the environment and do not waste resources. In other words, for every dollar we create, we create nine times the value for the United States at the same time. This is why our manufacturing industry is becoming more and more difficult. Today, we have entered the international industrial chain. In the division of labor in the international industrial chain, the pure manufacturing industry must be eliminated, and the more difficult it is, the more worried Xia Liangqiang is

"I can't save you, but I can let you know how you died." However, Lang Xianping said that since most Chinese enterprises are still downstream of the international industrial chain, there is a strong demand for skilled workers. Now some college students can't find a job after graduation. Some people think this is a professional mismatch, but in fact, it is because the enterprises that really need college students are the soft links in the industrial chain, while the hard links in the manufacturing industry don't need college students, which increases the employment pressure of college graduates in our country

Lang Xianping believes that in order to get rid of this situation, enterprises must find new breakthroughs and become stronger in the industry, so that China's overall economy can leap into the forefront of the international industrial chain. (end)

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