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The refined liquid products of Shanzi Petrochemical Company are automated, so loading

"it used to take nearly an hour to fill a 40 ton car. After the transformation, the whole loading process can be shortened to 35 minutes." On May 24, Liu Weidong, the person in charge of the loading site of liquid products in the refinery of Dushanzi Petrochemical Company, told excitedly that this product was widely used in the wood deep processing industry and wood-based panel production enterprises

at present, the transformation of the loading crane position in the refinery is coming to an end. Liquid products will soon be highly automated, and on the basis of safety and environmental protection, the loading time can be reduced by nearly half

pointing to a cabinet called "batch controller", Liu Weidong said, "this is the brain of this facility. By inputting operations on this keyboard, the loading volume is completed, just like refueling in a gas station. After a certain amount of money arrives, it will automatically stop through a suitable orientation to realize automatic quantitative loading."

before that, the loading facilities used by the refinery were manual small crane loading, which could not meet the current requirements for safety and environmental protection because there was no quantitative loading and closed oil and gas recovery. After the transformation, employees only need to operate a 360 ° universal joint on the ground to complete the whole loading operation, avoiding the risk of loading on the upper part of the vehicle before

at the same time, the 14 crane positions built have also added advanced monitoring system interlocking facilities such as mass flow meters, oil spill electrostatic protectors, batch controllers, etc., improving the automation level and safety performance of the whole device

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