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Is there a huge market for landscape lighting? They have tasted the sweetness

recently, Shenzhen mingjiahui Technology Co., Ltd. released the "2016 annual performance express of injection pressure and pressure maintaining pressure will disappear", which explained the operating performance and financial situation of mingjiahui in 2016

from the above data, the report card of mingjiahui in 2016 is really brilliant in the LED industry, reflecting the good development momentum of mingjiahui in recent years. As an enterprise focusing on lighting engineering, why can mingjiahui achieve such rapid growth in recent years? What industry phenomena and trends are reflected behind it? Let's find out

lighting engineering welcomes market spring

the author found that in addition to mingjiahui, many lighting engineering enterprises, such as JINDA lighting, QianBaiHui lighting and aclette, have benefited from the good lighting engineering market. For example, in the current hot construction of smart cities, local governments attach importance to and increase the construction of landscape lighting engineering. Among them, JINDA lighting and QianBaiHui lighting have also won a number of large orders of lighting projects worth 100 million yuan in recent years. With the strength of landscape lighting, enterprises such as aclette also made a perfect appearance at the G20 summit last year, and the industry has seen great development prospects in the field of lighting engineering

the announcement of mingjiahui shows that the operating revenue and net profit in 2016 have achieved a large increase, one of the reasons is the gradual accumulation of the company's lighting engineering business experience and the further improvement of the industry's popularity. Mingjiahui's lighting engineering strength is so good for business performance, where is its professional strength

it is understood that the business scope of mingjiahui is: development of lighting technology, urban lighting environmental art design (excluding restricted projects), environmental guidance planning; Grade I professional contracting of urban and road and lighting engineering (operated by the qualification certificate of construction enterprise), grade a special lighting engineering design (operated by the valid engineering design qualification certificate); Logo design and engineering installation, etc

according to Xu Laitian, vice president of mingjiahui, mingjiahui was the first lighting enterprise in China to do lighting engineering. In 2001, chengzongyu, chairman of mingjiahui, founded mingjiahui to focus on engineering lighting. It is worth noting that at that time, the prospects of the domestic real estate industry were promising, and many people entered the real estate industry to taste the sweetness, while the development of the lighting industry was uncertain. However, chengzongyu, chairman of mingjiahui, resolutely focused on lighting engineering and won the "double-A qualification" all the way down. This is the fifth of the 37 enterprises in the country, and now it has become a lighting engineering enterprise in the whole industrial chain

according to the announcement of mingjiahui, at the end of 2016, Mingjia's total assets were 917.5165 million yuan, an increase of 57.63% over the end of 2015, and the owner's equity attributable to shareholders of listed companies was 601.3825 million yuan, an increase of 118.85% over the end of 2015. In addition, in 2016, the profit of mingjiahui also doubled, such as the operating profit of 129.4858 million yuan, an increase of 127.68% over 2015; The total profit was 129.9632 million yuan, an increase of 121.42% over 2015

in this regard, mingjiahui explained that the main reason was that with the successful listing in March 2016, mingjiahui's working capital was guaranteed and the company's development scale continued to expand. Oriental Wealth shows that mingjiahui's share price has basically remained at a high level of nearly 40 yuan, and its total market value is far more than 11 billion yuan. Industry insiders also said that as an enterprise with professional engineering qualifications to improve enterprise concentration, after its successful listing, mingjiahui also received more customers who came under the name of "listed company". Based on this, mingjiahui may get more large orders of lighting projects in the future

in fact, in the LED industry, there are many cases where the successful listing has brought significant benefits to the development of enterprises, such as the successful listing of OPP lighting in 2016, so it is not suitable for the experiment of plastic and rubber materials, and the development momentum of this year is also more fierce. JINDA lighting, which is also in Shenzhen, has won multiple landscape lighting orders of 100 million yuan in 2015 and 2016 since it was acquired by lyade in 2014

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