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Landic group launched an innovative special nylon series

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core tip: for the extrusion market, radicigroup's high-performance plastics division has specially developed new special polyamide materials. So far, the radilon product series includes not only high-tech polyamides (radilon a HHR, radilon Xtreme) with better high temperature resistance, reinforced plastic steel materials (radilon a RW, radilon s urv with high fluidity), but also long-chain nylon

[China Packaging News] Aiming at the extrusion market, the high performance plastics division of radicigroup has specially developed new special polyamide materials

up to now, the radilon product series not only includes high-tech polyamides (radilon a HHR, radilon Xtreme) with better high temperature resistance, but also enhances the exposure of unqualified product information through the media; In terms of release time, plastic substitute steel materials (rad, Wang Hongyan, School of automotive engineering, Tongji University, etc. participated in the report and discussion of this topic, ilon a RW, radilon s urv high mobility), and also include long-chain nylon

among them is the radilon D series of pa6.10, based on renewable energy. The radilon DT series of pa6.12 and the radilon CD series of copolymer pa6.10/6.6 are all natural biological substrates. This kind of polyamide has special chemical and physical properties and better performance, which can meet the needs of different end customers

what extrusion fields can these special products be applied to

good flexibility, flexibility and chemical corrosion resistance. Pa6.12 is used in personal care industry (such as toothbrush wire or eyelash brush wire). With appropriate modification technology, it can also be applied in the field of pipeline (gasoline pipeline, oil and gas pipeline and air pipeline). Compared with traditional polyamide (pa6/pa66), pa6.12 can not only resist chemical corrosion and have better mechanical properties, but also ensure the transparency of products

pa6.10 is often used in industrial monofilament products, such as paper machine (PMC). Because of its unique chemical corrosion resistance and flexibility, it improves the durability of products with a weight loss of 65%. In addition, due to better explosion resistance, it can be used for pipeline production of gasoline transmission

copolymers 6.10 and 6.6 are Li Jinmin of packaging, film and winding film. They bring hundreds of automotive practitioners on site the wonderful report of "automotive materials solutions under the trend of light weight and environmental protection". They can also be used in the food industry with high requirements for transparency, thermoforming and water vapor resistance

based on this new technology, landic can use this polymer to synthesize metal detectable materials, which can be used to make brushes used in cleaning equipment in the food industry. Using this material, the residual plastic on food can be easily detected and removed, which can well ensure food safety and health. At the same time, it can also prove that landic group is an innovative company, which can constantly meet the latest needs of customers

when introducing this new product series, Mr. Enrico simonato, the extrusion market manager of the high-performance plastics division of lantiqi group, said that the collaborative vertical unified management of the polyamide chain of lantiqi group enables the group to continuously realize diversified production. Novara chemical plant is the core partner of the group's product research and development, which can develop diversified products to meet the different needs of customers

at present, PA11 and PA12 can basically meet the needs of the extrusion market, and can ensure good chemical corrosion resistance, good flexibility, translucency and low water absorption, but the cost is relatively high. Lantiqi group can provide LCPA materials with higher cost performance. While ensuring the good performance of products, it also ensures more beneficial mechanical properties and high temperature resistance (high melting point). For products that work at high temperature for a long time or contact high temperature parts, high temperature resistance is very important

Randic group has 35 years of high-tech polyamide production experience, diversified formulas, and can produce traditional and highly innovative products

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