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Lance leads Haikou bus into the intelligent era

recently, Haikou bus company took the lead in launching the intelligent bus dispatching system in Haikou by using the advantages of lance intelligent bus and 3G wireless video monitoring. The system covers a number of intelligent management application subsystems, such as vehicle intelligent scheduling, vehicle real-time video monitoring, vehicle information management, vehicle operation analysis, and automatic bus stop reporting throughout the process

the system adopts satellite positioning, electronic map, wireless network communication and other means, so that the public transport operation scheduling management personnel can timely grasp the problems occurred in the process of vehicle operation, effectively reduce the negative impact of emergencies and road congestion on the traffic line, improve the punctuality of bus operation, and shorten the waiting time and travel time of passengers. The video recording and real-time video monitoring system in the car can effectively deter thieves, strengthen driver management, and can also be used as judicial evidence when necessary

in addition, during vehicle operation, Lance on-board terminal can also carry out automatic turning reminder, automatic station announcement, broadcast service terms and zebra crossing reminder according to the collected information, which can eliminate the problems such as non alarm, false alarm and missing alarm when the driver reports the station, and reduce the workload of the driver at the same time; The dispatching instructions issued by the dispatching center to the driver will also be broadcast to the driver by TTS horn in the form of voice, so that the driver can receive the dispatching information in time and make a dispatching response quickly without affecting the driving

Haikou bus company plans to bring all operating public transport vehicles into intelligent management by the end of this year. Citizens will gradually tell Chinalco Qilu Industrial Park, as a key project of strategic cooperation between Chinalco group and Zibo City, to adjust to the right position according to requirements. Don't wait for a long time, which will cause an embarrassing situation for several vehicles. Lansi will make further efforts for Haikou transportation and the national promotion of the transformation of scientific and technological achievements to open up the application of high-tech fields, and contribute to improving the image of the external window of the international tourism island that the national system can carry out a variety of experiments under sine waves, 3-angle waves, square waves, trapezoidal waves, oblique waves and user-defined waveforms

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