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Landsea IPPBX won the international communication professional award

at the just concluded itexpo exhibition in the United States, Landsea s series IPPBX won the editor s Choice Award (first choice award) issued by the organizer TMC

every year, TMC will invite industry experts in North American communication field to evaluate the new products of mainstream communication manufacturers

from the interface, hardware and function of the equipment to the construction and use of the scheme, and even the manufacturer's product documents, technical services and other links, TMC labs (TMC laboratory) carried out item by item scoring, and finally selected the editor s Choice Award of the year

after professional and rigorous evaluation, Landsea s series IPPBX finally stood out among many competitive products

the S-Series IPPBX from Landsea shows us the new face of the new generation of Enterprise IP system. TMC labs wrote in its highly controversial evaluation report that it has not only brought various perfect IP communication solutions to enterprise users, but also built-in richer functional applications. We believe that the differentiated advantages of S series IPPBX in products will win more market space for Landsea

about Landsea s series IPPBX

Landsea s series IPPBX adopts modular design, which is flexible and suitable for enterprises with a size of 1~500 people. It supports PSTN, E1, gsm/umts, VoIP and other external lines, and can access analog phones, fax machines and other terminal equipment

because of the characteristics based on IP, Landsea s series IPPBX can not only realize IP communication for enterprises, but also make significant progress in the structural adjustment and transformation and upgrading of non-ferrous metals industry. It can implement and deploy rich communication schemes for enterprises, such as remote office, IMS access, branch organization group, traditional PBX docking, IP video monitoring linkage, etc

in addition, linkus software, call recording, automatic operator, conference, radio intercom and other advanced functions have also comprehensively improved the internal and external communication efficiency of enterprises

about TMC

TMC (Technology Marketing Corporation) is the world's largest communication media. Its publications include customer interaction solutions, Internet telephony, unified communication, and NGN magazine. TMC's station TMCnet is a leading information and article resource station in the communication and technology industry. In addition, TMC also held major conferences such as information technology exhibition (itexpo), 4gwe conference, digium|asterisk World Conference and communications developer conf (the equipment should be fully discharged first)

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