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what should we pay attention to during the installation of solar street lamps? 1. Comprehensively understand the characteristics of solar street lamp, light source and lamp pole, and separate the investment budget according to the road practice and reference lighting specifications. Jinan road lamp pole manufacturer_ Ouyi lighting electric reasonably selects solar lamps, light sources and lamp poles to give full play to the high efficiency and energy saving of light sources, the light distribution of solar lamps and the advantages of accessories combination. 2. Under the condition of guaranteed lighting performance, Jinan road lamp pole manufacturer_ Ouyi lighting electric, appropriately increase the spacing of solar street lamps to save the number of lamps; Properly improve the height of solar street lamp poles to improve the lighting effect; Try to arrange poles in the middle of the road as far as possible. Jinan road lamp pole manufacturer_ Ouyi Lighting Electric Co., Ltd. to save project costs. 3. Separate the road works, and timely and early intervene in the selection of pole position, the construction and embedment of air compressor pump foundation, so as to find problems in time, make reasonable changes, ensure quality and save investment. 4. According to the practice and geological conditions of the solar street lamp project site, the foundation of the solar street lamp pole and the foundation of the high pole lamp are designed and manufactured to ensure that the foundation is solid and reliable. Pay special attention to the fitting between the embedded bolt and the reserved hole of the rod seat, accurate positioning, reasonable embedded length and external reserved length, and proper maintenance of the thread part to facilitate hoisting and positioning. 5. In rock strata and wind fossil sections, decentralized grounding and sectional grounding are difficult to meet the requirements. It is possible to consider the full-length connection of galvanized flat steel and other conductors according to the design requirements. The connection should be reliable, with appropriate protective treatment, and firmly connected with the embedded foundation to ensure that each lamp pole is firmly connected with the ground. The high pole lamps in the solar street lamps are relatively scattered, which mainly rely on the foundation grounding. If necessary, the resistance reducing agent should be used to reduce the grounding resistance

led street lamp purchase points: first, luminous efficiency. The technology is becoming more and more mature, and the high-power LED light source can meet the needs of general street lamps. The luminous efficiency of general high-pressure sodium lamps is 100lm/w, and the commonly used high-power LED is lm/w. With foreign LED chips, it can reach 80lm/w. The higher the luminous efficiency, the better the energy-saving effect. This is also one of the most important indicators for choosing LED street lamps. Second, light failure. Some businesses, in order to reduce costs, use hundreds of 0.5W low-power LEDs. However, the light failure of this low-power LED is very serious, and its light failure to 80% has a lifetime of only 1000 hours. Therefore, as a street lamp that needs to be used for a long time, it is not allowed to use this kind of low-power led. If you choose high-power LED (generally more than 30W), its light attenuation is much better. Third, self weight. Due to the high technical content and complex composition of LED street lamps, the weight of some high-power lamp caps will far exceed that of ordinary high-pressure sodium lamps, so the requirements for corresponding supporting materials are higher. Fourth, heat dissipation. Because LED is a semiconductor component, when its chip is reduced to 30% of the initial luminous flux due to the influence of temperature, it will lose the significance of lighting, that is, the end of its life. Theoretically, the life of high-power LED street lamp is 10000 hours, but its important premise is good heat dissipation

every autumn, the equipment is comprehensively inspected, especially the lighting fixtures and some solar cell modules are cleaned and polished. The solar lighting system that does not solve the photoelectric conversion rate, the volume of the battery and the main problems, such as the number of life and maintenance, will far exceed the maintenance of high-pressure sodium lamps. Correct maintenance of solar street lamps: 1. When there is wind, rain, rain, hail, snow, etc., measures should be taken to protect the solar cell array to avoid injury. 2. In case of wind, rain, snow or turning, immediately check whether the board is after the rainy season. The design of the control room insulation material tensile testing machine and accessories integrates our company's advanced technology and whether the battery has indoor water and water. After the storm, check whether the equipment works normally, and its charge discharge controller is damaged, etc. 3. The lighting of the solar cell array should always be kept clean. If dust or other dirt, it should be washed first, and then gently wiped with clean gauze water. Do not use hard objects or corrosive solvents for washing and heuristic. 4. When matching with the solar cell array to use the battery, the use and maintenance methods of the battery should be strictly followed. 5. Check the power system connecting the solar street lamp to avoid loose connection. 6. Check the grounding resistance of solar street lamp

there are three main factors affecting the price of LED street lamps: first, the cost of LED street lamps. For LED street lamp manufacturers, the cost of LED street lamps must be the main factor affecting the cost of LED street lamps. The cost is the sum of the components of the LED street lamp. The LED street lamp generally includes LED light source, electrical components, signal lamp controller, signal lamp pole and auxiliary material wire. The cost of each part determines how much the final LED street lamp costs. Second, LED technology progress. With the continuous development of society and the continuous progress of LED lamp technology, the price of controller of pure electronic product components will certainly be reduced, thereby lowering the price of LED street lamps. Of course, the price of other components will be reduced with the breakthrough of new technology. When customers ask how much LED street lamps cost, they will get cheaper street lamp prices. Third, manufacturers use different raw materials. Different L this life testing machine is widely used in factories, mines, enterprises, quality supervision, scientific research institutes and other industries. The raw materials used by ED street lamp manufacturers also include blow molding machines. The new blow molding machines produced by the machinery manufacturing industry include sheet blow molding machine, PE foam film blow molding machine, multi-layer composite blow molding machine, color bar blow molding machine, heat shrinkable film blow molding machine and so on. On the surface, LED street lamps are exactly the same, but due to the different cost of raw materials It is also common for LED street lamps to differ in price due to different quality. Finally, Ouyi lighting electric suggested that customers should pay close attention to the quality of LED street lamps when purchasing, and implement the details of LED street lamp procurement one by one, and do not give some small workshop led street lamp manufacturers the opportunity to shoddy

China has actively invested in the development of green energy in recent years. Now recognized green energy includes solar energy, wind energy, geothermal energy and tidal energy. Other solar energy is the most inexhaustible green energy. Solar energy is rich in cost and sufficient illumination in the south, which can give full play to the advantages of solar energy. This solar power generation technology is pollution-free, noiseless, easy to imagine, cumbersome to place, and easy to develop in areas where national electricity cannot be transmitted. Moreover, the construction cycle is short, the effect is fast, and the economic benefit is very high. In today's society, more and more people stress the comfort of life, efficiency and stability of work. However, most of the time in life is spent in haze. Human civilization has developed for thousands of years, and now it has the talent to achieve 24-hour lighting. Nowadays, lighting is often switched from electricity to light, and the stability of electricity directly affects the stability of light. Spectrum electronics is a new energy imagination manufacturer specializing in solar power generation system, solar street lamp and LED lamp. Solar power generation system can be used as an independent power generation equipment. Its power generation is noise-free, clean, pollution-free, and the generated voltage is extremely stable. Solar power generation system is a one-time investment, which hardly involves late maintenance costs and any electricity charges. Its products are well controlled in reducing costs. Moreover, the system can also operate in parallel and separately, and has a wide range of applications

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