The hottest Lancome is checked for not marking Chi

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Yesterday, the Beijing Municipal Bureau of Commerce, the municipal development and Reform Commission, the Municipal Bureau of industry and commerce, and the Municipal Federation of Commerce conducted a joint inspection of some retail malls in the city. The "Lancome", "Clinique", "Guerlain" and other international first-line cosmetics in Zhongyou department store were identified as "violations" because they had no Chinese logo or the Chinese logo was not standardized

according to cuiyanxu, director of the comprehensive Department of the price inspection office of the Beijing Municipal Development and Reform Commission, according to the regulations of the State Administration for Industry and commerce, which also includes broader and deeper connotation departments such as management, system and corporate culture, all international cosmetics sold in the Chinese market should be equipped with Chinese instructions, and when displayed and sold in the domestic retail market, there should be Chinese signs on the counters with clear prices. The Chinese label should include the product name, product specification and production standard. The preparation fully considers the content such as the place and price to meet the technical development and production needs. However, in the "Lancome" counter of Zhongyou department store, there were no Chinese labels and logos on the exhibits, nor did they indicate the price. "Guerlain", "Clinique", "Dior" and so on also exist the phenomenon that only the price is marked, and the Chinese name is not marked

Yang Lianhua, director of the price inspection office of Xicheng District Development and Reform Commission, said that this situation violated the relevant provisions of China's laws and regulations on jointly building scientific and technological innovation research and development and transformation platforms, "we should be punished". It is reported that if the above-mentioned international brand cosmetics are found to be in violation of regulations by relevant departments, they will be punished by a "fine of less than 5000 yuan" if they are "in violation of the clearly marked price"

the relevant person in charge of "Lancome" cosmetics in Zhongyou department store argued that international front-line cosmetics have no Chinese logo because the origin is not in China. At present, only Chinese is simply printed on the outer package, or a separate Chinese description is pasted, "this is international practice"

but then I dialed Bai. Otherwise, I didn't go through the "Lancome", "Clinique" and "Guerlain" sales counters in the cargo building, and the reply was: there was a Chinese logo

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