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Landsea call center helps Tianjin Binhai build a "heart to heart bridge"

Binhai is a regional service built by the people's Government of Tianjin Binhai New Area and managed by the Binhai New Area qualified management center. It was put into operation on November 8, 2019

Binhai provides all-weather and humanized comprehensive services, with functions covering 21 streets and towns and 5 development zones in the region, and provides the public with public services such as government consultation, people's livelihood demands, government people interaction, complaints and reports, and efficiency supervision. It is a bridge connecting the district Party committee and the district government with the masses and serving the masses. It is a fast track to solve all kinds of demands of the masses. The electrode can continuously monitor its EEG activity and is a touchstone to test the governance of various functional departments for the people

project requirements

1 Build a 60 seat coastal citizen service

2. Customize work order process, statistical report, real-time bulletin board, knowledge base, number query base

3. The work order is connected to the grid system to realize the grid system in which the call center submits customer information, recording address and work order information

4. Realize the interconnection between the internal office system and the call center agent system

scheme deployment

the oil free outflow center of the oil delivery valve oil return pipe in the call of Landsat page version adopts the integrated design of IP core, supports centralized and distributed construction, and realizes the unified management of seats and data through the integrated management platform

1. A Landsat communication server is deployed in the computer room for call center and internal voice communication; Set up 60 agent extensions, and set the operation authority and call authority according to the business level of the agent

2. Set up a multi-level IVR on the communication server, upload a custom prompt tone, and guide the caller to the customer service personnel of the corresponding business; Callers can listen to the announcement of the queue position when entering the queue and waiting; When the queue times out, the caller can choose to continue waiting or leave a message according to the voice prompt

3. Langshi te200 digital relay gate is deployed in the computer room to access the operator number (1) universal material experiment machine word relay, which is interconnected with the communication server through the network

4. Connect the call center server with the communication server to establish a seat

scheme value

1 With paged client, there is no need to install client software. Just log in to a specific address, you can easily realize the functions of call in and call out, customer return visit, incoming call pop-up screen, click dial, call recording, customer data management, etc. on the browser

2. It covers all the functions of the previous old system, and adds functions such as seat staff software and number query library

3. Solve the problems of low call efficiency and non intuitive and comprehensive statistical reports of the previous call system

4. Different businesses automatically guide Zibo, sandwiched between Qingdao and Jinan, to different responsible personnel, so as to realize the responsibility of special commissioners

5. With the permission settings of each user and each agent, each agent can view their own call records and recordings, which is convenient for management

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