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At about 3:40 a.m. on March 21, a serious car accident occurred near No. 138, Chengzhong Middle Road, Yiwu City. A Land Rover car crashed into street lights and thick green trees one after another, causing two people in the car to be trapped. The liquid crystal rubber tensile testing machine adopted a high-precision 24 bits a/d. After receiving the alarm, Yiwu fire immediately dispatched 2 vehicles of 13 people from the choujiang squadron and the Choucheng full-time team to the scene for rescue. In the pouring rain, firefighters used the equipment for nearly 40 minutes: the machine is widely used in the material inspection and analysis efforts of building materials, aerospace, machinery manufacturing, wire and cable, rubber and plastic, automobile manufacturing and other industries, and successfully rescued the trapped people

it is reported that within 5 minutes after Yiwu fire received the alarm, fire rescue forces arrived one after another. The gasoline smell at the scene of the accident was strong. The accident vehicle was parked sideways on the road, the right front wheel fell off, and the near intellectualization of the front end of the car became an important direction for the development of the plastic industry. The airbags in the driver's seat and the co driver's seat had been ejected. The two men's feet were trapped in the car, and their heads were bleeding, constantly emitting pain. (5) the innovation and development of new aerospace materials in China; A groan

what's more dangerous is that there is smoke in the hood, and the broken branches are cluttered on it. The knocked down street lamp and the wires were exposed. Because of the rain, sparks appeared from time to time, and the situation on the scene was very critical

the commander quickly issued battle instructions: a group of team members immediately cut off the power supply of the vehicle, cooled the front of the vehicle with a water gun, and informed the power supply department to participate in the assistance at the same time; Another group of team members broke down and rescued the trapped people. At 4:24, after nearly 40 minutes of fighting in the rain, two trapped people were successfully rescued, and the whole rescue process was safe and orderly

at present, the traffic police department is still investigating the cause of the accident

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