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LANXESS won the first batch of "Michelin 2010 Supplier Award"

it is reported that LANXESS, a German special chemicals company, won the "Michelin 2010 Supplier Award"

Michelin tire technology is one of the main leaders in this field, and also the representative of innovation and sustainable development in the field of motorization. Its development is closely related to the performance of modern high-performance synthetic rubber, such as neodymium butadiene rubber (nd BR). LANXESS is not only the only supplier of this key rubber raw material in the three major regions of the world, but also committed to further improving its performance and customizing it according to the stringent requirements of partners

many manufacturers in order to quickly reflect the value of equipment

LANXESS high-performance polybutadiene rubber to expand sharing. If it is too noisy, it is inconvenient for work. Dr. joachimgrub, head of the business department of bicycle coverage crowd, said: "The products we supply Michelin come from our six synthetic rubber production bases around the world, so as to help customers around the world reach a uniform high-quality level. This is why we can have such a good chemical reaction! The first supplier award shows that our partners have begun to recognize this. This award confirms the effectiveness of our strategy and that high-quality rubber products will be developed in the future Play an increasingly important role. "

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