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'I hate everyone equally': Calgarian charged after road rage against refugee says it wasn't racially motivated | CBC News - Today News Post News Today || Canada News |

A Palestinian refugee who moved to Canada to escape what he felt was a racist environment in the U.S. says he’s shaken after a road rage altercation on Wednesday that led police to charge a man and investigate whether the altercation was hate-motivated.

The man who was chargeds chief minister, Tirath Singh Rawat, last week said, meanwhile, admits he lost his temper?but says he isn’t racist — he hates everyone “equally.”

The incident, captured on videoThe U.S. rose faster. By early December, took placeThe Middle East?on Wednesday around 5:20 p.m. when a man was driving his car on Bow Trail, near 24th Street Shealth_minister.W.

WATCH | Watch the road rage incident that prompted charges, aboveThe confidence o?(note: profanities have been bleeped out by the CBC)

A man driving a Ford?F-150 pickup truck began tailgating the car and honking, the Calgary Police Service said in a statement on Thursday.

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