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Decoration additions have always been a headache. Water and electricity transformation, small item installation, and solving the quality problems of the original house have become the focus of attention. Many decoration additions are mistakes in the early design stage, or construction projects that decoration companies deliberately hide in the contract and suddenly appear in the construction. How to avoid additional decoration items? Wuhan home improvement network small editor teaches you to draw up a reasonable decoration budget plan and resist decoration additions

budget overrun caused by decoration additions

the quotation before decoration is very detailed, and each item is carefully reviewed, but at the construction stage, the construction personnel will remind you that the wall base treatment must be pasted, otherwise there will be cracks in the later stage, which will increase a lot of costs. The budget overrun caused by the decoration increase is mainly concentrated in the water and electricity transformation, product installation and solving the problems of the original house, of which the water and electricity transformation accounts for 75%

decoration additions originate from the low price trap

to prevent decoration additions, it is necessary to carefully review when signing the decoration contract and beware of the low price trap. Any decoration company or decoration team promises your decoration price at the beginning of decoration, and it will increase in the final actual operation. Some additional items and mandatory items not mentioned in the quotation will make people overspend on the budget and finally gnash their teeth to pay. Or hide some items with high prices, and then lure customers to sign the bill at a low price

preventive measures for decoration additions

it is wise to avoid problems before decoration. Before decoration, the owner should consider the furniture to be installed as thoroughly as possible, and communicate with the designer in time. The layout of room power lines, circuits, sockets, network cables, telephone lines and so on should be designed in advance. It is not so easy to change after laying the lines, and bad changes will also leave potential safety hazards


1. Understand the decoration link

prevent decoration additions. You should have a certain degree of understanding of the decoration process and all details. If you don't do your homework well before decoration, everything is handed over to the decoration company, which gives them a good opportunity to cheat. In the construction process, we must have a certain understanding of the materials and construction technology of each project, especially those links that are prone to additional items, we must pay more attention

2. Compare the decoration contract

when signing the contract, carefully review it, and then make a budget table or project quotation, which includes various material costs, construction costs, design costs, management costs, etc. During the construction process, if there is a project that needs to be changed, it is necessary to communicate with the designer and sign a reconstruction contract. Through the comparison of some details, we can prevent the problems of decoration additions and omissions in the construction





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