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5 precautions for decoration of baby room

new designs or concepts emerge in endlessly in the decoration of children's room. On the basis of decoration, what care is needed to make children live happier and healthier

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care 1 Don't lay plastic floors

some foamed plastic products (similar to slipper materials) on the market, such as floor puzzles, will release a large amount of volatile organic substances, which may affect children's health

care 2 Indoor colors should jump

when designing children's rooms, monotonous pure white tones should be avoided, which can be personalized according to children's age, preferences and gender to increase interest. Different colors can stimulate children's visual nerve and develop children's learning ability. The color of the nursery is related to the gender of the child. Girls' rooms can be mainly light pink, and boys' rooms can be mainly light blue or light green, which can help boys "be more like boys" or girls "be more like girls"

care 3 The lighting light should be soft

appropriate lighting can make the room warm and secure, and help eliminate the fear of children when they are alone. The children's room should have a main lamp, that is, the lamp, which plays the role of complete lighting; Put a lamp on the small table; It is suggested to place some wall lamps with cute shapes and warm lights. You can also use lamps to create a fairy tale feeling for children

care 4 Set up a graffiti wall

preschool children like to graffiti on the wall at will. They can hang a white board or cork board on their activity area, such as the wall, so that children can have a place where they can graffiti and post freely. Children's art works or handmade works can also be placed by using display boards or by adding a shelf in one corner of the space

care 5 Lay floor heating for your baby

your baby always likes to play on the ground. Lay laminate floors in the children's room, and then lay floor heating. Even in cold winter, your baby will not be affected to play on the ground. Experts said that compared with solid wood flooring, laminate flooring is more suitable for laying on floor heating equipment. On the one hand, its heat transfer performance is better, on the other hand, its material is more stable, and it is not easy to deform after heating. As long as we choose laminate flooring with environmental protection performance up to standard, we can ensure the health of children





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