Simple European style decoration Ivory temptation

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The unique fresh and clean temperament of simple European style has attracted the favor of countless decoration owners. It not only inherits the luxurious atmosphere of classical European style, but also fills in the fashionable simplicity of modern elements. It simplifies the original cumbersome lines in a carefully crafted way, and the overall beauty is stronger. Today, the effect pictures of these simple European small house decoration introduced to you are mainly ivory, which brings you the temptation of ivory

decoration effect drawing of simple European style

ivory is popular not only because of its simple and luxurious temperament, but also because of its clean and refreshing characteristics. Just like choosing Ivory when decorating the kitchen and restaurant, it can create the cleanest dining space and make us eat more at ease. With the help of the small window, it brings good lighting to the small kitchen. The clean white cabinet maintains the same simple European style as the dining table and chair. The simple lines convey the gas of luxury. Besides ensuring the basic life functions, there is not too much decoration, highlighting the clean and tidy style of simple Europe

simple European style decoration effect drawing

in the whole bedroom, except for a bed, a locker and two small bedside tables, there are no redundant decorations, but on the whole, it conveys a kind of comfort and noble spirit. First of all, the ivory bedroom background wall design has laid the most warm and quiet sleep atmosphere, where you can sleep more comfortably. The gray background wall at the head of the bed neutralizes the monotony of ivory throughout the body, plus an antique decorative painting, which looks more interesting and lasting. The design of the locker at the end of the bed, bedding, bedroom curtains and even the floor and carpet are all ivory white. The simple European style has achieved the warmest dream





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