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Three American companies won the Presidential Green Chemistry Challenge Award

recently, Dow Chemical, Cargill and life technologies in Austin, Texas, r=p/lb, won the 2013 Presidential Green Chemistry Challenge Award. The Presidential Green Chemistry Challenge Award was established to recognize and promote innovative chemical technologies that can prevent industrial pollution and have a wide range of applications. The Challenge Award was jointly established by the chemical safety pollution prevention Office of the US Environmental Protection Agency, the Institute of green chemistry of the American Chemical Society, and other members of the chemical community

Dow Chemical won the prize because it developed evoque pre compounding polymer technology. The technology can replace titanium dioxide or enhance the covering function of titanium dioxide. This technology helps to improve the distribution of titanium dioxide particles in the coating and the radiation efficiency from light dispersion to sintering, improve the hiding power of titanium dioxide, obtain obvious effects in lightweight and adsorption of harmful gases in plastics, and reduce the amount of titanium dioxide in the coating formula by 20%, so as to achieve the same or even better effect at less cost. The technology can also improve the barrier properties of the coating, such as stain resistance and corrosion resistance. This technology will significantly reduce energy consumption, NOx and SOX emissions and red tide

Cargill won this honor because it has developed transformer oil with vegetable oil as raw material. Its products are less flammable and less toxic. Compared with mineral oil-based transformer oil, it has better performance and lower carbon footprint

life technologies won this award because it developed a more efficient and economical production process for key chemicals used in genetic testing. The new process can reduce about 1.5 million pounds of hazardous waste per year

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