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The three oil giants will collectively advance into the field of new energy

the "war" of automobile charging stations will be upgraded

although the electric vehicle charging station is a new thing, its market prospect will be quite similar to the current gas stations in the new energy era. For this huge market, State Grid and Nanfang power are accelerating their expansion, and they intend to replace the three oil giants in the new energy era and become new energy giants. However, how can the three oil giants put this "fat meat" without contention? It is understood that at present, the three oil majors have also begun to step up their actions to take a share in this field

before the Spring Festival, it was announced that Sinopec and Beijing cooperated to promote the construction of energy supply network for pure electric vehicles. Yesterday, it was learned from the other two domestic oil giants, PetroChina and CNOOC, that these two companies are also interested in extending their energy supply tentacles to the promising field of new energy vehicles. CNOOC, like Sinopec, has made it clear that it will take a share in the energy supply field of electric vehicles; In addition to continuing to give play to the advantage of "natural gas leader" and expanding natural gas vehicles, PetroChina is also paying close attention to the possibility that the limited oxygen index of charging stations in gas stations has reached ~ 32.8% (Figure 1); At the same time, this kind of epoxy resin is neutral in the combustion experiment

perhaps in a few years, the gas stations all over the city will be renamed "energy supply station" or "spring testing machine model and function oil and electricity supply station", because at that time, the function of the gas station will no longer be as simple as refueling for cars, but more capable of charging electric cars or natural gas cars

the three oil giants are preparing for the era of new energy vehicles

recently learned from the Beijing Municipal Science and Technology Commission that in order to ensure the large-scale application of pure electric vehicles in Beijing, Sinopec Group and the Beijing municipal government are jointly promoting the construction of pure electric vehicle charging stations. This means that Sinopec, the largest product oil sales company in China, has officially joined the construction of pure electric vehicle charging station network

according to a relevant person from the Beijing Municipal Science and Technology Commission, Beijing Shouke Group Co., Ltd. has previously jointly invested with Sinopec Beijing Petroleum Branch to establish Beijing Sinopec Shouke New Energy Technology Co., Ltd., which will mainly use Sinopec's existing large-scale refueling and gas filling stations to transform them into a comprehensive refueling and charging service station; It is planned to adopt the development and operation mode of "electrification by oil and combination of oil and electricity", that is, to drive the charging and replacement business by oil operation, so as to solve the operation cost problem of pure electric vehicle charging stations

later, it was learned from Sinopec Group that in the future, the two sides will take advantage of Sinopec's network advantages in urban and rural areas to gradually increase the number of refueling and charging comprehensive service stations, expand the refueling and charging comprehensive service stations to Beijing, and then to Hebei, Tianjin and even more, so as to increase the activity radius of pure electric passenger vehicles and accelerate the popularization of pure electric vehicles

Shan Lianwen, director of the Strategic Research Office of the energy economy Research Institute of CNOOC, also disclosed to this newspaper that the company has invested 5billion yuan to build a battery production line for electric vehicles. In addition, the company is also considering building a nationwide battery replacement station

according to him, CNOOC signed an agreement with Tianjin Jinneng investment company last year and decided to invest 5billion yuan in Tianjin Lishen Battery Co., Ltd., a local manufacturer that mainly produces lithium batteries for electric vehicles, to build 20 battery production lines in a new plant in Tianjin

"we have been paying close attention to the development trend of new energy vehicles, including the possibility of setting up charging stations in gas stations. However, in the short term, PetroChina will still focus on the varieties that can give full play to the company's resource advantages, such as coal-bed methane machinery and electricity: excellent electronic universal experimental motors adopt exchange servo speed regulation system and shale gas. In addition, gas supply to natural gas vehicles is our most advantageous field." An insider of CNPC, China's largest oil company, also disclosed the latest trend of the company's new energy strategy to the public yesterday

according to him, since this year, CNPC has held several internal meetings on new energy, and relevant plans have also been adjusted. At present, the consideration is still to choose new energy varieties similar to CNPC's advantageous business as the main direction

"of course, we also see that it is indeed a trend to use the existing network to set up charging devices in gas stations. We have also studied relevant technologies and believe that the technical difficulty of the devices is small, but the biggest bottleneck is that the battery charging time is too long, so we are not in a hurry to promote them in gas stations." These people said

little impact on performance in the short term

this newspaper understands that relevant parties have previously planned two modes for the proposed charging station. One is that after the pure electric vehicle drives into the charging station, the professional charger will charge the vehicle battery, just like refueling the vehicle at the gas station. However, the disadvantage of this mode is that the charging time is long, and the owner needs to wait for a long time in the charging station

in order to solve the problem of long charging time, another mode is that when the pure electric vehicle drives into the charging station, the staff will remove the charging battery in the vehicle and directly replace it with a new battery in the charging station. However, if this mode is adopted, a large number of batteries need to be stored in the charging station

obviously, no matter which mode, the site requirements for charging stations are relatively high. At present, the gas stations that are all over the country's urban and rural traffic arteries are considered by some people in the industry as the ideal place to set up charging stations

according to the data, Sinopec has about 30000 gas stations and PetroChina has about 18000 gas stations. If such a huge gas station network is transformed into an integrated oil and electricity station in the future, it will certainly have an impact on the performance of the two groups

yinxiaodong, chief analyst of CITIC Securities petrochemical industry, said, "generally speaking, this model is still in the stage of exploration and trial. Although it has little impact on performance in the short term, in the long run, this is certainly a direction. Whoever tries first can have an advantage in standard setting and occupy a larger market share."

"building a charging station in the gas station means that the gas station has another function, which is a good thing. However, in the short term, there will not be many pilot gas stations, which will not have a substantial impact on the overall performance of the two groups. It is still difficult to judge what the future will be, after all, how high the profit margin of this business is." Wang Jing, chief Petrochemical analyst of Orient Securities, said to

in her opinion, in the future, once new energy is accepted by most people, or even more economical than traditional energy, it will not only have an impact on the performance of PetroChina and Sinopec, but also will be a huge disruption to the energy consumption structure and the oil industry

"we can only say that we are optimistic about the future development prospect of the charging station, but because of its many constraints, no one can say how much market space there is at present." Said linboqiang, director of the China Energy Research Center of Xiamen University

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