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The three major operators try new data business operation mode

because the "dream mode" is faced with many problems, such as its own data business involves many links, complex business processes, and homogenization with other competitors' businesses, the reform is imperative

on March 25, it was reported that China Mobile would reorganize its data business support company Zhuowang group, change all its subsidiaries into business divisions, and sort out its overlapping businesses. In the next few days, there was news that China Mobile will determine the final restructuring plan within two weeks, that is, in early April, the changes may be finalized. If the above news is true, this will be the biggest reform of the China mobile data business support organization since its establishment 11 years ago

the dream model can no longer meet the development needs

some industry experts said that at the beginning of the establishment of the "dream model" in 2000, it was helpful to the business expansion of China Mobile. The "dream mode" broke the traditional closed "vertical integration" mode of communication industry value chain, and promoted the emergence of independent CP and sp industry chain roles. These CP and SP cooperated with China Mobile to form an open and cooperative industry value chain. At the beginning of the "dream mode" launch, it has made many achievements and is considered as the "Internet savior" by the industry

however, with the development of mobile Internet, this model architecture seems to be unable to adapt to the development of new services

an employee of Guangdong Mobile engaged in data business told that the new adjustment was related to Li Yue's "New Deal". Since he was promoted to the general manager of China Mobile Group in may2010, Li Yue has made drastic reforms in the data business of China Mobile. Among them, the acquisition of core extension business has changed the internal rules of the industry for many years, which is particularly noticeable

the mobile employee told that in the past, each subsidiary had relatively large rights according to its business share, but in the future, after the reorganization, it is planned to calculate by cost, and each business department will be more flexible and coordinated, which will strengthen the Department's execution ability and response ability, and is also conducive to the unified control of China Mobile. This is one of the reasons for its reform

a person engaged in market research at Chinatelecom Guangzhou Research Institute said to Xiang that since the "dream mode" is faced with many problems, such as its own data business involves many links, complex business processes, and homogenization with other competitors' businesses, the reform is imperative

an internal report of China Mobile pointed out that China Mobile's data business is facing competition from many homogeneous and free products in the market, such as newspaper and WAP free, Feixin and Tencent, map and Google map, etc. these external products, relying on free and good quality, are constantly competing and have a continuous honeycomb structure to block the heat and attract the attention of China mobile users, causing a major impact on China Mobile

in addition, the above report also indicates that China Mobile urgently needs to improve the end-to-end quality of its network, business platform, application content, terminal and other whole processes

end? Reform

when developing mobile Internet services, China Mobile, as a traditional telecom operator, lacks competitiveness. Therefore, China Mobile hopes to attract Internet talents through the flexible business model of its subsidiaries, so as to improve the innovation ability of its products and facilitate the competition with the products of Internet companies. However, the results were not as perfect as expected. These companies still relied on the huge user base of China Mobile and adopted the development model such as bundling sales, with great growth potential. The real competitiveness of its products is still far from that of similar Internet companies. This forced China Mobile to change its operational thinking and rethink the business model of expanding data business by its subsidiaries

the aforementioned employees of Guangdong Mobile told that at present, China Mobile plans to merge three subsidiaries of Zhuowang digital, Zhuowang information and Zhuowang 139 community into one "Zhuowang information" and will operate in the form of a business unit. As of press time, the division of specific business units was still under preparation. The Guangdong mobile employee estimated that the settings of mm (mobilemarket), Feixin, mobile Internet, marketing support, new media and other business units should have been determined

in the reorganization of Zhuo Wang, China Mobile's main business, Feixin, has attracted the most attention from the outside world. The mobile employee told that the latest news is that although Feixin will set up a separate business unit to operate and manage, the technical support is still in the charge of Shenzhou Taiyue. As the most concerned tariff issue for consumers, he also said that he would not charge for it

it seems that the guess of the business division has not been decided yet. For China Mobile, after the reorganization of Zhuo Wang, who should manage the newly established department and how to set up a team are still under discussion. Organization and management is its biggest problem

it was previously reported that in 2010, Zhuo Wang piloted mm business unit in the mainland to prepare for this year's structural adjustment. However, the news has not been confirmed. In july2010, China Mobile said that it regarded SP and CP as "mobile partners". Insiders said that this move indicates that the "dream mode" will soon become history

however, the mobile employee does not agree with this view. He believes that this is just a reform attempt of China Mobile. Although mobile dream is no longer its main source of income, it is not enough to judge the fate of the dream at present

however, the aforementioned Chinatelecom Guangzhou Research Institute believes that China Mobile's move marks the end of its "dream mode". He said that China Mobile mainly considers two aspects: first, through the integration of existing businesses, it makes the business clearer and firmly controls the business part that China Mobile is good at; Second, China Mobile will not automatically seek the maximum experimental force, tensile strength, elongation and other parameters to adapt to the current mobile Internet development business, and share equal opportunities with other CPS and SPS, so as to expand its own capabilities

it is expected to improve mm quality

the person in charge of a domestic CP told that the news about the restructuring of Zhuo Wang did not have a great impact on it, because the company and most CPS are no longer so optimistic about the revenue of China Mobile. CP is a famous game enterprise in China. He believes that the entire industry environment in China is not ideal. Users' consumption concept and copyright awareness make it difficult for application developers to obtain rich profits in China at this stage

however, as far as China Mobile is concerned, the CP principal said that Zhuo Wang itself is the external access service provider of the mobile mm mall. At present, there are a large number of developers, but most of them are amateur. If the mobile reorganizes the data business, they should be more professional in this regard. He hoped to attract some professional CPS and successfully develop 7075-T73 alloy to improve the application quality of its application store

as for the impact of the reorganization of Zhuo Wang, relevant people from Chinatelecom said that it could promote the other two operators to reflect on how to choose a new model suitable for their own development under the current situation of complex mobile Internet content and various services. Because, although there are many services at present, the only services suitable for the development of telecom operators are payment services, map positioning services and other services. The services of several operators that can be adjusted to a distance of 1 (2) mm from the upper pressing plate are bound to be crossed to increase competition; Secondly, it also urges telecom operators to change their mentality of cooperation with CP and SP, so that operators who were originally in a strong position and formulated rules of the game can consider whether they can still occupy a dominant position

a relevant person who called China Unicom's new video said that the matter had not been announced, so it was inconvenient to express opinions

in addition, the source also told us that China Unicom's music company in charge of all music value-added services will be merged into Guangdong Unicom, and China Unicom's music base will be moved to Guangdong. In addition, China Unicom will integrate the existing new news, video, broadband and other services to establish a new broadband company

it can be seen that the three major operators are trying new data service operation modes. Communication world weekly

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