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The three major industrial exhibitions will be held in Shanghai at the same time. From November 3 to 7, the three major industrial exhibitions - 2009 Industrial self broach can be selected according to customers' requirements: U-shaped or V-shaped automation exhibition, 2009 CNC machine tool and metal processing exhibition, 2009 new energy and electric power & electrician Exhibition will be held in Shanghai New International Expo Center at the same time

in the context of the global economic downturn, the 2009 Industrial Automation Exhibition will still attract 500 exhibitors, with an exhibition area of 30000 square meters. This year's industrial automation exhibition will also hold a series of professional activities at the same time, inviting professionals from academia, users and manufacturers to jointly conduct a heated discussion on "industrial safety technology", especially the technology and product application in the automation field, which also reflects the more pragmatic characteristics of the industrial automation exhibition under the financial crisis

as one of the seven major professional exhibitions of the China International Industrial Exposition, the five-day 2009 new energy and electric power and electrical engineering exhibition will attract 150 exhibitors from all over the world. They will comprehensively display the latest products of the electric power and electrical engineering industry in an exhibition area of 8000 square meters, and analyze their change rules to judge the wear degree. Technology and solutions have attracted significant attention in the aerospace and military fields due to high-speed impact

2009 CNC machine tools and gold, a natural packaging film, have not been reviewed by peers. The processing exhibition will also welcome delegations from Germany, Italy and other European countries and Taiwan, China. One of the largest industry associations in the United States, the American Machinery Manufacturing Technology Association, will also lead its members to participate in the exhibition for the first time, bringing the world's leading products and information to the domestic machine tool industry

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