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Three Chinese players entered the top 8 of the 2018 first UAV World Championship and will be the champion tomorrow. On November 3, Beijing time, Tencent sports news, the 2018 first world UAV Competition Championship entered its third day. After the first day and the second day of the qualification competition, 6 Chinese contestants entered the knockout competition. In today's 1/16 finals, huqianti, likunhuang, shahaihong and chensongwen broke through and successfully entered the 1/8 finals. The competition for the 1/8 finals became more intense. Finally, huqianti, shahaihong and chensongwen defeated the strong enemies and entered the 1/4 finals tomorrow

in the seventh group, huqianti, a 14-year-old young player from Zhejiang Province, China, took the lead in representing the Chinese team. He was joined by Gilbert tridin of the United States, godessy Luk of Australia and miroslki Robert of Poland. At the beginning of the competition, the Polish player lost his machine. Hu Qianti held on to godessy Luke in the third place. During the competition, Luke's machine blew up again. Hu Qianti of China entered the 1/8 finals as the second place

in group 8, there were two Chinese players, Li kunhuang and Chen Bo, as well as odes Liam from Canada and klasney Anjie from the Netherlands. At the beginning of the competition, Liam was the first to rush out. With the progress of the competition, likunhuang fought all the way from the last position to the first and maintained the leading edge. Finally, he was 8 seconds ahead of Liam, the second, and entered the 1/8 finals as the first, while Chen Bo, another Chinese player, was unfortunately eliminated in the fourth place

in group 11, there was a war between China and South Korea. Chinese player Wang Jinzheng played against three South Korean players Li Junhui to avoid affecting the freezing effect, Mou Jiayan and Zhang Qiyun. At the beginning of the competition, Wang Jinzheng tried to ensure the accuracy of the measurement data; Far ahead, but there was a mistake when turning the corner, and the bomber said goodbye to the game with regret

in group 12, shahaihong played on behalf of the Chinese team. He was in the same group as Mead Kevin of the United States, Ganning Alexander of Russia and bitmata Thomas of Australia. At the beginning of the competition, a large number of planes appeared, and only Alexander himself flew in the front. Then the referee recalled that no one had clamped the samples in the upper and lower clamps to start the competition again. Finally, after this episode, Chinese player shahaihong entered the 1/8 finals with the second place in the group

After the 1/16 final, the 1/8 final was held immediately. Chinese players huqianti and likunhuang were the first to play. They were assigned to the same group, In addition, the remaining two players in the group are Gilbert from the United States- "Although the steel structure has many advantages, tridrin and Canada's odes Liam. After the countdown, tridrin took the lead in flying out, Liam followed, and the Chinese players seemed to have no advantage. After entering the second lap, two young Chinese players later caught up with Liam, but at this time, Li kunhuang made mistakes twice in a row, and tridrin, who has always been in the lead, also blew up the aircraft to make him famous. Accidents occurred frequently, and finally Hu Qianti broke out of the chaos and won the first place in the group. Canada's odes Liam ranked second. The two entered the quarter finals hand in hand

Chen Songwen, a Chinese player, followed in the group with Coates Matthew of Canada, Peterson TOS of Latvia and trobridge Timothy of Switzerland. After the start of the competition, the four UAVs were in a state of anxiety. The distance had not been opened. Chen Songwen once fell to the fourth place. However, the ranking of the Swiss player Timothy, who led the flight, changed. China's chensongwen entered the quarter finals with the second place

shahaihong played in group 6 of the 1/8 finals. In the same group with him were two South Korean players Li Junhui and Mu Jiayan, and the famous Australian player bitmata Thomas. At the beginning of the competition, the two South Korean athletes rode to the top, and Sha Haihong ranked fourth. Sha Haihong, who was in hot pursuit, began to narrow the gap from the second lap. At the last moment, the players from China, Australia and South Korea began to compete for life and death. Sha Haihong overtook Thomas from the third place and narrowly advanced to tomorrow's quarter finals with the second place

from the breakthrough in the 1/16 final to the dogfight in the 1/8 final, the Chinese team achieved excellent results. Three players, Hu Qianti, Sha Haihong and Chen Songwen, entered the 1/4 final tomorrow. Tomorrow will be the last day of the world UAV competition championship. In addition to the quarter finals, there will also be semi-finals and finals. Whether Chinese players can finally win the championship, lock in Tencent sports, enjoy this "F1 in the air" feast, and cheer for Chinese players


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