The three hottest trees were awarded the value of

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Three trees were rated as "2020 China home furnishing industry value 100 companies"

three trees were rated as "2020 China home furnishing industry value 100 companies"

, Sponsored by Sohu Focus home and focus research institute, the "2020 China home industry value 1 polished rod guide introduces foreign advanced technology, precision polished rod guide, which can ensure the accurate film combination of moving mold and fixed mold, and avoid the collision of concave convex mold and damage 00 company" was released. As a leading enterprise in China's coating industry, sankeshu coating Co., Ltd. was listed on the list

about the evaluation of value 100

the evaluation of "2020 China's home furnishing industry value 100 companies" was initiated and endorsed by Sohu but for the impact hydraulic fatigue testing machine system fox group. In 2020, it was the first time to face China's Pan home furnishing industry. It was sponsored by Sohu Focus home and focus research institute. From the four dimensions of market, innovation, finance and social contribution, it carried out in-depth value analysis on a single enterprise, and made a series of comments on Sohu, Sohu focus The four platforms, focus finance and focus Haofang, output the strength, industry contribution and social value of the shortlisted enterprises

2020 is an extraordinary year. In the face of many challenges such as high-quality epidemic situation, sankeshu people, guided by the corporate culture, adhere to the strategic determination, work together, and closely focus on the annual theme of "value coordinated growth", donate money and materials to actively help prevent and control the epidemic and help partners return to work and production; Against the trend, recruit a large number of excellent talents and carry out all-round online and offline training; Upgrade the front, middle and rear collaborative platform organization, and accelerate the digital construction; Strengthen product innovation, improve supply chain layout, and establish an all channel and all service system; Enter the building materials shopping mall, enter the head decoration enterprises, and create a precedent for online live broadcasting in the coating industry; We will implement all staff marketing and collaborative marketing, promote the implementation of the "six in one" strategy, and promote the transformation of high-end retail coatings

sankeshu has won the exclusive supplier of official coatings for the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic Games and the winter Paralympic Games according to local announcements and statistics, which has greatly improved its brand influence and core competitiveness, achieved rapid development in the adverse trend, and its stock market value has increased significantly. It has ranked among the top ten listed coating companies in the world by market value, creating rich material wealth for employees and laying a solid foundation for the development of the enterprise in the next five years

2021, in the face of the new development pattern, sankeshu will continue to adhere to cultural confidence, maintain strategic concentration, see the general trend, grasp the opportunities, focus on the theme of "innovative growth culture leads to progress of hundreds of billions", carry forward the enterprise spirit, continue to move forward firmly, develop in a high-quality, high-speed and sustainable manner, and start a new journey of hundreds of billions

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