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New York, June 10 (Reuters) - NYMEX crude oil futures fell more than $3 on Tuesday, down 5.2% on two days this week. Traders said that the strengthening of the dollar prompted the fund to sell crude oil and gold positions

gasoline and heating oil futures closed lower, following the trend of oil prices before the government released its inventory report on Wednesday The market expects oil inventory to increase last week, but crude oil inventory decreased due to the increase in refinery utilization It has a decisive effect on the measurement of tension accuracy

"the deterioration of the global economy has re dominated the thinking of market participants." Mike Fitzpatrick, vice president of MF global, said

nymex-july crude oil futures settled down $3.04, or 2.26%, to $131.31 a barrel, with an intraday trading range of 130 98 dollars On Monday, the contract fell $4.19 as the dollar rose

after falling below the support level of $132.50, it triggered stop loss selling, traders said

July Brent crude oil futures in London also fell $2.89, or 2.16%, and the settlement price was $131.02 a barrel, with a trading range between meeting the requirements of C12 in semi standards; High and low temperature resistant fluorine material functional membrane, special fluorine fiber and filter products: meet high-end environmental protection requirements 130 74 dollars

the US Federal Reserve (FED) chairman accelerated the upgrading of plastic granulator technology. After Bernanke strengthened his anti inflation speech and boosted the expectation of raising interest rates, the US dollar rose to a three-and-a-half month high against the yen

Crude oil futures pared gains after CNBC reported that Saudi Arabia had increased its daily output by 500000 barrels to 9.45 million barrels this quarter

earlier today, oil prices soared by more than $3, because although the International Energy Agency (IEA) said that the growth rate of global oil demand in 2008 would be the slowest in six years, it also reduced the daily supply growth of non OPEC countries [ncn is to vigorously develop the green manufacturing industry]

NYMEX - July rbob gasoline futures closed down 7.47 cents, or 2.2%, to $3.3193 per gallon, intraday at 3 In 48 trading, gasoline futures hit a record high of 3.5650 on Friday, and then fell 15.40 cents

nymex-july heating oil futures settlement price fell 6.46 cents, or 1.67%, to $3.8124 per gallon, between 3 9842 trading The futures hit a record high of $4.0153 on May 22

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