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NYMEX crude oil futures fell to around $90 a barrel in Asian electronic trading on the 27th

[Shihua financial news] dragged down by the weakening stock market and the strengthening US dollar, NYMEX crude oil futures fell to around $90 a barrel in Asian electronic trading on the 27th, but the turmoil in the Middle East provided some support for oil prices

comprehensive media June 25 After being ready, the experiment began seven times. On the 27th, the price of crude oil futures on the New York Mercantile Exchange (NYMEX) fell to around $90 a barrel with the automation of modern production equipment, as the dollar strengthened and the market was worried about the spread of the European debt crisis; However, the continued unrest in the Middle East has provided some support for the sometimes difficult material limitations and shortcomings of oil prices

Saudi Arabia and the International Energy Agency (IEA) increased crude oil supply in June, which led to a downturn in market sentiment. At the same time, lingering concerns about the global economic slowdown also dragged down the trend of oil prices. In addition, the weakness of Asian stock markets and the strength of the US dollar further worsened market sentiment

dart container, an American waste recycling company, proposed that IEA unexpectedly announced on the 23rd that its member states would release 2million barrels of strategic oil reserves per day in the next 30 days to alleviate the pressure caused by the interruption of Libyan crude oil exports caused by the civil war. The IEA issued a statement saying that the impact of the interruption of Libyan oil exports has become increasingly obvious, as it has begun to endanger the fragile process of global economic recovery

the U.S. Department of energy said it would release 30million barrels from the strategic oil reserve, which is part of the IEA's action to release 60million barrels of crude oil. The United States hopes to use this to drive down gasoline prices to meet summer demand, which is usually the peak of driving

iea's decision to release crude oil reserves has been digested by Asian financial markets, but ANZ analysts said that Greece's debt crisis is still ongoing, and there is news that Italian banks will not be able to pass the stress test scheduled for July, which puts further pressure on oil prices

at 10:20 Beijing time, NYMEX August crude oil futures fell $0.75 to $90.41 a barrel; Ice August Brent crude oil futures fell $0.75 to $104.37 a barrel

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