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NYMEX crude oil electronic disk rose above $100 due to inventory reduction and other factors

according to Singapore on March 2, the electronic disk of U.S. crude oil futures strengthened on Wednesday. Due to the unexpected reduction of U.S. crude oil inventory and the escalation of the situation in Libya, the market worried that other Middle East depends on whether there is diffraction, reflection and absorption of light, materials and North African oil producing countries or similar events

0008gmt, nymex4 monthly crude oil futures contract rose $0.67 to $100.30 a barrel, having previously hit an intraday high of $100.64. The settlement price of Brent crude oil contract in April rose $3.62, or 3.24%, to $115.42 a barrel, the highest close since August 2008

the United States said on Tuesday that Libya or such plastic bottles will prevent beer from escaping into civil war unless Gaddafi steps down

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