The hottest polyester market staged a high diving

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Polyester market staged a high dive

on the evening of the 24th, Yizheng Chemical fiber, Zhejiang Chemical Union, Jinan Chemical fiber, Luoyang Petrochemical, Tianjin Petrochemical, Shanghai Petrochemical, Shanghai Lianji, and Longdi group were also able to use the extension plan during the experiment; During the installation, enough space should be left around the equipment. Ten polyester enterprises, including Sichuan polyester and Liaoyang Petrochemical, gathered in Tianjin. After unanimous discussion, it was decided that the chip settlement price of ten polyester enterprises this month and the joint quotation in October were 7600 yuan/ton, and the lower limit of delivery of direct spun polyester staple fiber 1.4d* 38mm to the factory was 8800 yuan/ton, which was the same as the quotation last month. On the 26th, 33 intermittent polyester enterprises held a meeting in Wujiang to discuss and decide, 9 On the 15th, the joint quotation of small polyester chips was 7500 yuan/ton, and the counter-offer prices of PTA and EG were 5800 yuan/ton respectively, with a stable value within ± 2 and 4800 yuan/ton. However, judging from the current market, in fact, the signs of weakness in the polyester chip market have initially appeared. The following author analyzes from the following aspects: from the perspective of the raw material market, due to the relatively concentrated and large number of domestic pta/eg deliveries in the past week, the prices of PTA and eg have fallen all the way. At present, the actual transaction price of PTA outer market in Jiangsu and Zhejiang markets has fallen to US dollars (CIF China l/c 90 days), with an actual decline of US dollars/ton. According to the counter-offer meeting of polyester enterprises held in Chongqing this month, the counter-offer prices of PTA and eg are US $500 and US $460/ton respectively, and the gap with the actual transaction price is US $50/ton, equivalent to nearly 600 yuan/ton. At present, the RMB price has also fallen to yuan/ton, so the operation should be stopped in time and the technicians should be contacted in time, which is about yuan/ton lower than last week. Eg outer market fell from USD (CFR China) to USD/ton, and the quotation of USD 480 (CFR China) from foreign goods (mainly Russia and the United States) further impacted the domestic market. At present, the RMB has fallen to yuan/ton, about 300 yuan/ton lower than last week. As the stocking support of polyester plants in Jiangsu and Zhejiang is basically no problem until the middle of October, the purchase intention of polyester plants is not very strong. Coupled with the recent concentration of imported goods to Hong Kong, there is still room for decline in the future from the perspective of PTA and eg costs

since September, although the price of downstream polyester filament market has fallen continuously, the chip has been kept at a relatively stable price, which is just starting in China. The large polyester chip has been kept at around 7600 yuan/ton, and the small polyester chip has also been kept at about 7500 yuan/ton. However, after entering this week, the chip market has fallen due to the centralized reduction of procurement and poor sales of polyester factories, which has led to a decline in prices and showed signs of fatigue. At present, the actual transaction price of large polyester chips in Jiangsu and Zhejiang has fallen to yuan/ton, lower than the joint quotation of ten polyester enterprises, and the actual lowest transaction price quoted by a polyester enterprise is 7300 yuan/ton. At present, the actual transaction price of small polyester chips is about 7400 yuan/ton, and the lowest transaction price is 7200 yuan/ton. Although the settlement price of Shifang polyester enterprises this month and the quotation of next month are 7600 yuan/ton, the chip market is still likely to fall in the near future under the circumstances of a sharp decline in raw materials and difficult downstream demand

due to the large backlog of downstream shirt fabrics, the market price of high count polyester yarn fell sharply. At present, the profit situation is far worse than that in the early stage. Coupled with the recent sharp fall in cotton prices, textile mills began to gradually reduce the proportion of polyester, and the proportion of cotton began to increase significantly. In addition, Jinshan and other enterprises have resumed driving in the near future, and the price of direct spun staple fiber 1.4d*38mm showed obvious signs of decline, At present, the actual transaction price in Jiangsu and Zhejiang has fallen back to yuan/ton, down about 400 yuan/ton from a week ago. At present, the central price of 329 standard cotton arriving at the factory is yuan/ton, and some poor quality ones even have a transaction price of 9500 yuan. Therefore, although Shifang polyester enterprises decide that the lower limit of delivery to the factory next month is still 8800 yuan/ton, under the condition that the price comparison effect of cotton and the downstream market situation are not ideal, the reasonable price of staple fiber before the National Day holiday should be adjusted to about 8400 yuan/ton

to sum up, the polyester market has actually entered a relatively weak period. Due to the recent booming sales in the downstream fabric market, the sales volume of polyester filament has also begun to stabilize gradually, and the situation of sharp price decline no longer exists. The overall polyester market has begun to stabilize, so the downstream has actually played a supporting role in the price of chips. However, due to the high profits of PTA, there is still a lot of room for downside, which in fact plays a decisive role in the left and right slice Market. If the upstream raw material market can stabilize in October, the whole polyester series products should stabilize in October

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