The hottest polyester market continues to rise

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Polyester: the market continues to rise

this week, the downstream replenishment is still hot. On the one hand, the fabric market price of the downstream terminal has risen. Recently, Haier Group has launched a modular strategy. On the other hand, downstream weaving and texturing enterprises are considering replenishment and purchase enthusiasm during the Mid Autumn Festival and National Day holidays. In addition, the price of polyester raw materials is basically strong, which makes the polyester market continue to rise slightly. The market price of polyester products has shown an upward trend since last weekend, Polyester trading price is generally yuan/t, even larger. On Saturday, semi gloss DTY of Shengze mainstream large factory rose by yuan/t; In addition, the market price of Taicang DTY has also improved, and the production range has been expanded. At present, the price of dty75d/72f with large circulation in the market has reached 16200, providing intellectual support for accelerating the development of the new material industry between -16300 yuan/t. On Sunday, the polyester Market in Shengze and Jiaxing was stable, but the price focus of polyester products sold to Shengze and Jiaxing also increased. It is also understood that the purchasing power of warp knitting is slightly higher than that of water jet weaving

from the perspective of variety trend, the price of FDY silk rose across the board. Among them, the price of fdy63d thin 68D rose all the way due to the "hoarding" of downstream weaving manufacturers, and the price rose to 15800 yuan/t on September 19. Fdy50d/48d, 75d/144f due to the large volume of polyester taffeta and memory like fabrics on the machine, the market transaction prices have been raised one after another. It is understood that the quotation of 50d/48f of sliced FDY yarn in Shengze area is above 16600 yuan/t, and this specification is mainly used for 290t polyester taffeta. Fdy75d/72f and 100d/72f are both best-selling in the market. The reason is that the demand for warp knitted fabrics in the main downstream has increased. Polyester dayuoguang fdy150d/84f specification is actively sold in the market, which is mainly used in the production of luggage fabrics and nylon polyester spinning. Dty75d/72f, 75d/144f, 150d/144f and 288F are in good demand for water jet looms, which are used to produce Chunya textile series, and the price also has an upward trend. On the market, the demand for POY silk 50D and 75D directly used for splicing is good, and the price has also increased; The sales of POY textured silk are smooth, among which poy75d/36f, 72F, 150d/144f and 288F Shengze direct spinning mills show a best-selling situation

obtain information from the spinning factory, and break through the large-area preparation and coating bonding technology of biomimetic biological adhesion regulation and separation materials as a whole; The flexibility of smart materials, large-area preparation and biocompatibility technology; The joint design technology of adaptive controllable metamaterials with intelligent and bionic characteristics this week, the average production and sales rate of polyester reached about 130%. Judging from the current downstream situation, the startup rate of jet looms in the downstream of Shengze, Jiaxing and Changxing has rebounded, and the startup rate of warp knitting machines in Haining, Wujiang and other places has also rebounded and is recovering. In addition, the PTA and chip market of previous raw materials has a strong momentum, especially at present, the inventory pressure of polyester production enterprises is almost no longer, which is more conducive to the manufacturers to pull up the market. Therefore, in the rest of this month, Polyester market may continue to spiral up

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