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Reuters: CEC has become the world leader in UHV transmission system

it is reported that on June 19, Reuters published an article, "China Masters long-distance power transmission technology", saying that CEC has become the world leader in UHV transmission system. It is reported that on June 19, Reuters published an article "China has mastered long-distance power transmission technology", saying that China's power has become the world leader in UHV transmission systems. This system connects the power resources in remote areas with cities in urgent need of power. UHV lines can transmit power thousands of kilometers away at a high voltage of 800 kV or even 1000 kV. China has seven such lines supporting a wide range of medical consumables, permeable membranes, degradable devices and other products, more than any other country. The existing UHV lines have transported more than 160 terawatt hours of electricity, equivalent to the annual electricity consumption of Ohio in the United States or the electricity consumption of Britain in half a year

it is reported that all transmission systems have energy consumption between power generation and end users, because electricity has resistance during transportation, and some energy is consumed in the form of heat. Between 1990 and 2012, the U.S. transmission system lost an average of 6% of electricity. The farther the transportation distance, the greater the loss. However, the use of supercharging can reduce energy consumption, which is also the reason why China and some other countries develop UHV systems

the report also pointed out that high-voltage power transmission brings a series of technical challenges. In addition to the testing of transformers and GFRP anchor rod tensile testing machines, towers, cables and relays must operate safely in a more rigorous environment. The early research of UHV system was mainly completed by Siemens, abb and other companies. However, China national power has mastered this technology, saying that 90% of engineering operations are localized

at present, the development of UHV in China has entered the world's leading ranks. It is understood that, State Grid Corporation of China has completed and put into operation two AC and three DC (two AC: Southeast Shanxi Jingmen UHV AC test demonstration project and its expansion project, Anhui east Huainan Shanghai UHV AC demonstration project; three DC: Xiangjiaba Shanghai 800 kV HVDC demonstration project, Jinping Sunan 800 kV HVDC transmission project, Hami South Zhengzhou 800 kV HVDC transmission project) A total of 5 UHV AC and DC lines have been kept in safe operation, realizing the west east power transmission, North South power transmission, water and fire mutual aid, and the large-scale optimal allocation of energy resources, so as to promote the West in China to measure the deformation of the sample in the process of experiment through the deformation measuring device; The central and northern regions have played an increasingly important role in transforming energy advantages into economic advantages and alleviating the power shortage and environmental capacity shortage in the eastern and central regions. At present, the construction of several UHV projects of the State Grid Corporation of China is speeding up. By the end of this year, a total of three alternating and four direct UHV projects will be completed. The UHV line length is more than 10000 kilometers, and the power transformation is about 32%. China is completely blank/the commutation capacity is more than 100 million KVA/kW. In addition, the four AC and four DC UHV project has been included in the national air pollution prevention action plan

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