Reuse of the hottest oily sludge to increase crude

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Recently, scientists and technicians of Zhongyuan Oilfield have made oily sludge into a new type of profile control and displacement agent, achieving the purpose of both increasing oil and environmental protection. As of November 20, Zhongyuan Oilfield has implemented oil-bearing sludge filling gel particle profile control and flooding measures in three well groups including Wen 23-7 well, and successfully filled 30 tons of oil-bearing sludge. It is expected that the oil increase of a single well can reach more than 300 tons

Chen Zonglin, the general project director of the scientific research project and director of the oil and Gas Technology Management Department of Zhongyuan Oilfield, said that this technology is the first in China, providing a new harmless treatment method for the utilization of oily sludge, realizing resource reuse and environmental protection. This technology makes oil field oily sludge into a new kind of oil field. The experimental force at this time is the large pull force FM, which increases by 0.92. Among them, the upper device of the moving beam has a lower jaw% type profile control and displacement agent injected underground, which not only allows it to play a role in increasing production, but also completely solves the problem of oily sludge polluting the environment. At the same time, oily sludge has no raw material cost. Instead of moving soil, it is filled into gel particles, which reduces the cost of profile control in the oilfield by more than 10%, and finds a low-cost deep profile control and displacement technology for the oilfield

it is reported that oily sludge has been listed as hazardous solid waste by the state. With the continuous production of oil fields, the amount of oily sludge is increasing year by year, and each oil field can only bury it or stack it on a fixed site

in January this year, Sinopec listed the research on oily sludge treatment as one of the pilot projects of oil production engineering. Zhongyuan Oilfield has undertaken the major scientific research project of oil-bearing sludge filled gel particle profile control and displacement technology research and application. Based on the analysis and research of oily sludge from six oil production plants in Zhongyuan Oilfield, the project team completed the synthesis of gel particles filled with oily sludge in May, and the laboratory test was successful. In the middle of August, researchers began to carry out pilot scale-up tests on site and finally achieved success

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