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The revelation of the "Shenzhen model" of comprehensive electrification of public transport

more than 3 months ago (December 27, 2017), the Shenzhen Municipal Transportation Commission announced that Shenzhen has achieved comprehensive pure electrification of franchised buses, becoming the world's first big city with comprehensive pure electrification of public transport, and also the city with the largest number of pure electric buses in the world. Among them, BYD has more than 14000 pure electric buses, accounting for more than 90%. While people were amazed, they could not help but wonder: can the "Shenzhen model" of the full electrification of public transport be copied? What should the industry learn from the "Shenzhen model"

recently, I paid an in-depth visit to the two representatives of Shenzhen public transport system, Shenzhen bus group and Eastern public transport company, and walked into BYD headquarters to try to find the answer

the cultural concepts of both supply and demand sides are highly recognized

as we all know, for the development of new energy in urban public transport, where money comes from is the primary problem and a common problem. You know, because of the public welfare attribute, the domestic urban public transport industry is difficult to achieve operating profit by relying on ticket price income alone, so it is even jokingly called "the largest beggars' sect" in the industry. For Shenzhen bus group and Eastern bus company, despite the strong support of Shenzhen municipal government, they also face the problem of money. Because compared with traditional fuel vehicles, pure electric buses require huge investment only in terms of purchase cost. Moreover, pure electric buses are new things, which are very different from traditional cars in terms of driving, operation management and maintenance. So, what in the end prompted Shenzhen to fully electrify public transportation, the first to open a new era of fully pure electrification of public transportation in the world

it is undeniable that the local government of Shenzhen attaches great importance to and vigorously supports the electrification of public transport, which is an important basic guarantee for the success of the "Shenzhen model". However, at the same time, the high recognition of cultural concepts between public transport enterprises and bus enterprises has also accelerated the implementation of the "Shenzhen model"

first of all, all participants in the "Shenzhen model" should not only look forward to the future development trend, but also deeply recognize the electrification. There is only one earth for mankind, and we are all under the blue sky. The importance of developing new energy vehicles is self-evident, and it is also the only way for China to move from a big automobile country to a powerful automobile country. As one of the "new four modernizations" of automobile, the development of electrification is the general trend. At the same time, under the guidance and practice of BYD, the electrification of public transport has already risen to the national strategic level. Both Shenzhen bus group and Eastern bus company have made it clear that responding to the national energy conservation and environmental protection strategy and winning the blue sky defense war is not only a pursuit and mission, but also a duty. At the same time, as a public welfare and livelihood project, the social benefit is higher than the economic benefit

according to Wang Huinong, general manager of Shenzhen bus group, Shenzhen bus group is not only at the forefront of the industry in the full electrification of public transport, but also "the first to eat crabs" in the industry for many times. It can be said that this daring gene comes down in one continuous line, prompting Shenzhen bus group to lead the industry again

the same is true of the eastern bus company. Jia Tao, deputy general manager of the company, said that the development of new energy is the general trend. We should respond to the national call for energy conservation and emission reduction and create clear water and blue sky. Zhangshoujun, chairman of the company, has long proposed to make good use of the new energy policy and speed up electrification. Despite all kinds of difficulties, only by adhering to a blueprint to the end can we have today's situation. In this process, it is often after an innovation has made a breakthrough, subsequent innovations continue to emerge, so that difficulties continue to be overcome

and BYD is even more so. As the leader of new energy vehicles, BYD has always advocated and promoted the electrification of public transport to make the city better. It can be said that the success of the "Shenzhen model" is inseparable from the high degree of consistency between the supplier and the demander in the concept and pursuit of corporate culture. It is this kind of empathy that makes Shenzhen express enter a new era of all-round pure electrification of public transport

the supplier's products awesome confidence and confidence

it is worth mentioning that, as the demander, Shenzhen bus group and Eastern public transport company, their firm pursuit of bus electrification cannot be separated from the confidence and confidence brought by BYD pure electric bus, which helps realize that epoxy resin is one of the three general-purpose thermosetting resins

it is understood that Shenzhen is close to the mountains and the sea, with many tunnels and ramps, high temperature and rainy. Both from the geographical environment and climatic characteristics, it poses a great challenge to the normal operation of pure electric buses. However, BYD pure electric bus not only has the leading technology, excellent quality, energy conservation and environmental protection, simple operation, which reduces the labor intensity of drivers, but also significantly reduces the operation and maintenance cost compared with traditional cars, which solves the pain points of users and fully meets the actual operation needs of users

Jia Tao cited an example. Due to the long driving range of BYD pure electric bus, even if the air conditioner is turned on all the way, it can fully meet the one-day operation needs of urban buses, which not only saves the trouble of building a large number of charging piles, but also can use the cheaper valley power to charge. The company needs 340 million kwh of electricity a year. Every penny saved means that it can save up to 3.4 million yuan

zhangwenshu, deputy manager of the technology and new energy department of Shenzhen bus group, also said that it was difficult to build charging facilities because of the extremely tight land resources in Shenzhen. Combined with the long driving range and reliable performance of BYD pure electric bus, the company has achieved a pile vehicle ratio of up to 1:4 through intelligent scheduling management

the benefits brought by BYD pure electric bus are not limited to this. In the maintenance workshop of the eastern bus company, the gutter is very clean without any oil stain, which is in sharp contrast to the original traditional vehicle maintenance

therefore, in a strict sense, it is difficult to define whether the demand for public transport in Shenzhen made BYD or BYD lit up the public transport in Shenzhen. As Jia Tao said, trust has brought the two sides together, formed a deep strategic partnership, and jointly made the cause. This deep integration between you and me is the epitome and portrayal of a city building a "sustainable global innovation city"

although Shenzhen is in the forefront of the national urban GDP ranking, it is not the first. But it is precisely because of Shenzhen, a city of innovation and harmony, that these enterprises with a high sense of society and innovative and enterprising spirit have been bred. At the same time, it is also because of such enterprises that the city has become a better place. In this sense, the "Shenzhen model" is not a breakthrough and success in a single aspect, but the victory and glory of the joint efforts of the whole city

behind the "Shenzhen model", in addition to the courage, perseverance and perseverance of the government and public transport enterprises, and the awesome of BYD products, the bus enterprise, active innovation and development model is undoubtedly another important magic weapon for success

actively innovate the operation mode

Zhang Wenshu, deputy manager of the technology and new energy department of Shenzhen bus group, admitted that in the process of promoting comprehensive electrification, the company was faced with high vehicle purchase costs, insufficient charging facilities, shortage of station resources, difficult driving habits, and great difficulty in operating mode. Therefore, through cooperation with BYD and other manufacturers, Shenzhen bus group has explored a business model of "separation of vehicle and electricity, financial leasing, and combination of charging and maintenance", which has effectively overcome a series of problems such as high vehicle purchase costs, difficult energy supply, and difficult power battery maintenance. Among them, in order to solve the financial problem of large-scale car purchase, Shenzhen bus group pioneered the purchase method of "financial leasing" in the domestic public transport industry to disperse the purchase cost of new energy buses, so as to ensure the smooth delivery of vehicles and the smooth operation of public transport enterprises

Jia Tao, deputy general manager of the eastern public transport company, said that the scrapping cycle of buses is relatively long, and the asset liability ratio of public transport enterprises is relatively high. Under the reality that it is difficult to make profits in operation, it is conceivable that it is difficult to replace all traditional vehicles with pure electric buses. To this end, the eastern public transport company has adopted the "asset light" operation mode. Specifically, BYD sells vehicles and charging facilities to third-party financial institutions as a whole, and is responsible for vehicle maintenance, construction and maintenance of charging facilities during the operation period. The eastern public transport company signs a lease contract with a third-party financial institution to lease vehicles and charging facilities. During the lease term, the ownership of vehicles and charging facilities belongs to financial institutions. After the expiration of the 8-year lease, the ownership of vehicles and charging facilities belongs to the bus company. In these 8 years, if the vehicle fails to meet the assessment indicators due to technical problems, the corresponding losses shall be borne by BYD

in fact, both the innovative models of Shenzhen bus group and Eastern public transport company are an extension of the overall solution of new energy bus provided by BYD, the pioneer of the overall solution of new energy. From the construction of charging facilities and financial support before purchase to the later operation and maintenance, bus enterprises provide a package of solutions to let customers operate without worry. Moreover, BYD has also taken a step further to assist public transport enterprises in repurchasing traditional vehicles, so that public transport enterprises can adopt pure electric buses without concern, and continue to reduce the burden on enterprise operations

comprehensive strength determines the inevitable choice of

and behind the innovation of operation mode, it is a severe test of the comprehensive strength of bus enterprises

lies in the outbreak of the new energy vehicle market

as Jia Tao said, when it was decided to invite bids, eight domestic mainstream bus enterprises participated in the bidding. However, due to the harsh requirements of the new model of the Eastern Bus Company on bus enterprises, it not only tested the financial strength of enterprises, but also tested the product strength of enterprises. After all, the orders of thousands of vehicles were renewed at one time. According to the subsidy method at that time, it still needed to run for 30000 kilometers to get the subsidy, and most of them were paid in advance by bus enterprises, which not only meant that the amount of funds was huge, but also meant that the funds had a long payment cycle. In the end, only BYD won

in the "asset light mode", the buyer dominated market attribute is further strengthened, and the pressure and challenges of the purchase and operation of new energy passenger cars mainly fall on the passenger car enterprises. Bus enterprises who can accept the recruitment will stand out. Only BYD dared to take the move and caught it. Therefore, in this sense, the reason why "Shenzhen model" chooses BYD is not only because it can provide more timely after-sales service as a "real estate vehicle", but also because of its comprehensive strength, which can best meet the actual needs of customers to operate pure electric buses. This is a necessity of choice

behind this, BYD's strong capital strength and high confidence and confidence in product quality are just highlighted. According to xiaohaiping, director of the public relations department of BYD's commercial vehicle business group, in 2017, against the backdrop of the sharp year-on-year decline in the overall sales of new energy passenger cars across the country, BYD passenger cars achieved a counter market growth, with 14336 pure electric passenger cars sold throughout the year, an increase of 8% year-on-year. Among them, the sales volume of pure electric buses above 10 meters has topped the domestic sales list for four consecutive years. At present, BYD has launched more than 35000 pure electric buses in total

"Shenzhen mode" is man-made

at present, we are promoting the comprehensive electric transport

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